TIP! Cheap beer and a quiet conversation

RIP neighborhood bars, hello cool hangout markets.

As I continue to mourn the slow death of Richmond’s neighborhood bars, I’ve started to look for something a bit different when I want to hang with some pals over a beer or two. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love all of our innovative, handcrafted cocktail spots and beer bars with rare and hard-to-find brews, but sometimes you just want a cheap beer and a quiet conversation.

Lately, to scratch this itch, I’m turning to our markets. Saison Market allows you to purchase a six pack of beer and then drink it on premise for a couple extra bucks.1 Not only is this a fantastic deal (think about the cost of six craft beers at your favorite artisanal beer bar), but our local distributors are doing such a great job that the selection is great. Added bonus: if you and your pals don’t want to finish six beers in one sitting, you can take the unopened ones home! Best of so many worlds y’all!

I’m sure other places offer a similar service–if you’re aware of one, let me know in the comments.

  1. This is super similar to corkage, which the General Assembly approved back in 2011. That law specifically mentions wine, and if this TIP! gets someone in trouble with the ABC I will feel many sad and shameful feelings. 
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Ross Catrow

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