TIP! Car Pool is kind of the best

There’s a better way to get your car cleaned.

Guys, I do not give one hoot about cars. I drive it, it doesn’t break down, people can think what they want, etc.  


Two or three times a year, I take my abused and suffering car to Car Pool (my favorite branch is the Midlothian Turnpike one) and let them do their very thorough thing. It’s like I get a new car back every time. They are truly wizards, and my son enjoys watching the process. We all win!

Anyway, they have a number of cool specials that I am way into, particularly the Rain Check program. If it rains the day of or after you get your car washed at Car Pool, they will give you an exterior wash for free!

And sometimes you shouldn’t listen to everything a meteorologist says. Sometimes you should listen to what Car Pool says!

Join their mailing list and get a $20 coupon, too. I’m telling you, they are always trying to give you things. That Car Pool! They are kind of the best!

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Susan Howson

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