TIP! Buy things from students

They don’t need this stuff, and they’re willing to let it go for cheap. Pizza and beer doesn’t pay for itself.

It’s long been a tradition for Richmond’s thriftiest denizens to scour the alleys near VCU at the end of the spring semester looking for cast-off treasures. College kids, unencumbered by things like “budgets” and “reality,” often throw perfectly useful things away because they’re…I dunno, college kids, I guess.

This year, instead of chucking their stuff in the alley, there’s a VCU student yard sale that’ll let them get rid of excess crap while making a few extra bucks to boot. The yard sale kicks off Saturday at 10:00 AM in Monroe Park.

And, just as an additional FYI, yesterday was the final day of class for VCU and their exams last until May 8th–if you’d like to plan some alley-scouring sessions.

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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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