TIP! The best bike lock is a simple one

It’s a cheap and reliable way to deter terrible bike thieves.

This TIP! was originally going to be about registering your bicycle–which you totally can and maybe should do. The VCU Police offer it as a free service to students and faculty, and the City recommends you pay for a registration with the National Bike Registry. But really, the odds of getting your bike back through services like these seem pretty low. So instead, I started wondering which bike lock best prevents jerkface bicycle thieves from taking your bike.

That’s how I found this wonderful article from The Sweethome.

You should read the whole thing–it’s fascinating and includes interviews with three real-life bike thieves! Turns out, a simple U-lock (used properly) is the best way to keep your bike out of the hands of jerkface bicycle thieves. They recommend this one. Unfortunately, if someone really wants to steal your bike, they’re going to, but the least you can do is make them work at it for a couple of minutes.

Jerkface bicycle thieves are the worst1.

P.S. If you choose to ignore this advice, check out my previous tip about what to do if your bike is stolen by the aforementioned jerkfaces.

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  1. Except the guy in The Bicycle Thief, he was just a regular guy who let things get out of hand. 
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