TIP! A thing you can do instead of drowning

It’s pretty easy to remember this one.

PEOPLE, remember those storms the other night? Did you happen to be driving? Did you happen to worry for your life? Did you happen to drive through a ton of standing water in place in the road that was very unexpected? Sometimes it pools up! What are you to do?

The following is a terrifying CGI video of what could happen to your small, red compact car:

Theoretically, even if your car is of a different hue, you could end up drowning in it. If you’re like me, you don’t want to die under a dead tree in a makeshift river, fumbling with the handle of your hatchback 1995 Civic. Or maybe you’re not like me, in which case disregard!

In any case, Turn Around, Don’t Drown® is trademarked so that no one else will steal it for other, less serious reasons. That will not prevent me from shouting it to my son when he is charging towards the diving well.

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