TIP! A better-tasting, cheaper, and cleaner popcorn

Today’s tip: Did you know popcorn could actually be good?

Popcorn is an incredible snack. It can be really good for you, as it’s basically just a grain that has been put through some serious physical trauma. But as is the case with much of what we consume, we’ve been taught to believe that the only way to make popcorn is the stupidest way to make popcorn.

Microwave popcorn is not only bad for your health and full of dumb ingredients, it’s liable to burn, and requires a ton of packaging to get you those little individual packets.

Oh, and the taste is so subpar it’s not even worth discussing.

Just grab a jar that will last you for ages, and don’t let the “gourmet” title fool you. It’s just corn.

Here’s the easiest way to make it (it will take maybe two minutes longer than you’re used to):

  • Heat a little oil on medium in a large flat pan, preferably with a clear glass lid.
  • Pour a little popcorn in there (a little goes a long way)
  • Swirl the pan around slowly on the burner until just about everything is popped.
  • Add salt, butter, etc. as you see fit, but you won’t need to do too much. Because it doesn’t have a chemical taste, the taste of corn is a lot more prevalent and delicious.

Bonus points!

  • Use a flavored oil, such as rosemary or truffle
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