The Bopst Show: “The Funny Thing” (Episode 48)

“And the funny thing about me is, I’m a member of the right brigade.”


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Title: The Bopst Show: “The Funny Thing (Episode 47)”
Rating: PG-13 (Adult Situations, Suggestive Content)
Intent: to give ample evidence that punk punk (at least in its highly idealized form) is not dead
Quality Diversion: The trouble is it doesn’t say how….
Suggested Absurd News Story Reading by Geographical Region: Washington, DC
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Construction Dates: Monday-Thursday, March 24-26 2009
Equipment: Mac G4, Free Audio Editor & Recorder Software from Audacity, Frontier US-122 USB Audio/MIDI Interface, Shure SM57 Microphone
Posted: Monday March 30th, 2009
Artists and Groups in order of appearance: Captain Hook & His Crew, Chris Bopst, Hidden Strength, Niney The Observer, The Bad Brains, Wynonie Harris, TV On The Radio, Chet Baker, Linton Kwesi Johnson, The African Brothers Band, Johnny Buckett, Pink Floyd, Unknown, George Guzman, The Normal VS Raffi, The Banana Splits, The Clash, Billie Holiday
Mixed by: Chris Bopst
Art: Chris Bopst

“And the funny thing about me is, I’m a member of the right brigade.”

Liner Notes:
I hate Republicans. Wait a minute; that’s not entirely true. Let me clarify that statement. I loathe, despise and hold in the highest contempt those currently passing themselves off as Republicans. It’s an important distinction. Tenets of what used to be the Republican Party-fiscal responsibility, government out of your life & strong national defense- are principles that I believe in to the core of my being, but today’s Republicans don’t stand for those cherished political ideals anymore. After 8 agonizing years of Bush, it is clear that today’s Republicans represent maintaining the interests and dominance of the rich, government all up in our shit and, most importantly, the party currently passing itself off as the Republican Party is directly responsible for the dire financial situation that our country finds itself in today.

These facts are indisputable. To anyone who has been paying attention, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. The elephants are out of their fucking minds.

Since the presidential election, the party has been a rudderless ship. They have assumed the mantle as the loyal opposition opposing anything the new president proposes just on principal. While it is prudent to voice resistance to policies that the new president has & will try to initiate, Republicans seem more concerned with being merely obstructionist than offering constructive, legislative alternatives. It’s hard not to laugh when they scream of partisan politics when one considers how Congressional Republicans handled the legislative process during their 6 years in control of both the House and Senate as well as having the luxury of a sitting president of the same political stripe. Again, it would be funny if those tragic years didn’t give birth to the mess we are in today.

And that’s another reason to hate Republicans. They act as if the last 8 years didn’t happen. Even before Obama took office, I heard Rush Limbaugh spouting off that we are in the midst of a Obama recession as if George Bush & his Republican Congressional lap dog enablers didn’t exist. These disingenuous and exceedingly false sentiments are echoed all over right wing talk radio. Rush & his factually challenged brethren in the lunatic fringe have never been guilty of espousing rational thought, but the spiteful ignorance by which they ignore recent history is a new level of deceitfulness even for them. All I know is that if Limbaugh, Savage & Hannity are convinced something is wrong; somebody is obviously doing something very right.

If you voted Republican and actually have to work for a living, I hate you the most. You are an idiot of epic proportions and worthy of the deepest derision. Part of the insidious genius of Karl Rove politics is that he got you to vote against your own financial well-being. The Republican Party doesn’t represent Joe Six Pack or Joe the Plumber; they represent the boss who just laid you off. Virginia Republican Eric Cantor made his party’s let them eat cake political sentiments known in a profanity laced video his office released ridiculing the union AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees). On the video, the narrator mocks the union as cussing bullies because the AFSCME (God forbid) work to protect worker’s rights. Sure, unions aren’t what they once were, but unions most certainly do more for the interests of workers than Cantor & his corporate shilling ilk ever have or ever will. The Republican Party is fundamentally opposed to wage equality and worker’s rights. Cantor, a man who has said “the use of obscenity” in television “should not and cannot be tolerated”, probably hoped that using colorful language would help to make him seem, “hip” to the younger generation the Republican Party is so desperate to infiltrate, but the real message he is sending is that Republicans view the average working citizen and organizations working to protect them with scorn.

Well Eric, the feeling is mutual.

The set list for this week’s show is posted here. All previous show set lists (46 as of this writing) are on my blog.

Until Next Time:

Stay Clean,

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