The Bopst Show: “Jump the Fence” (Episode 49)

Featuring Béla Lugosi, Radio Moscow Transmission, William Shatner, The Big Boys, The Electric Junkyard Gamelan, Henson, and more…


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Title: The Bopst Show: “Jump The Fence (Episode 49)”
Rating: PG-13 (Adult Situations, Suggestive Content)
Intent: to hold your attention one hour at a time
Quality Diversion: pathetically disorganized comic relief….
Suggested Absurd News Story Reading by Geographical Region: Huntington Beach, California
Request Line: (804) 767-2550
Construction Dates: Wednesday, Thursday, April 1-2 2009
Equipment: Mac G4, Free Audio Editor & Recorder Software from Audacity, Frontier US-122 USB Audio/MIDI Interface, Shure SM57 Microphone
Posted: Monday April 6th, 2009
Artists and Groups in order of appearance: Béla Lugosi, Chris Bopst, Radio Moscow Transmission, William Shatner, The Big Boys, The Electric Junkyard Gamelan, Unknown, Henson, The Upsetters, I-F, The Exploited, Boots Randolph, The Ohio Players, Bernard Hermann, The Rhythm Pals, Bobby Patterson, The Talking Heads, Jerry Goldsmith (?), Branch Clarke, Bill Hicks
Mixed by: Chris Bopst
Art: Chris Bopst

Liner Notes:
The guidelines would also hold bloggers liable for the statements they make about products.

They have cranked out consistently choice releases that you might want to avoid if you are particularly sensitive to racism, nationalism, aryanism, pan-europeanism, heathenism, paganism, odinism or any other isms that don’t agree with whatever isms you are wrapping yourself in these days.

The patient arrived at the hospital in great pain because of the erection.

Seems kind of ironic that there is a colon-cleansing sidebar next to all of this.

In two weeks time, we will know exactly who owns that IP.

Even a lima bean has to have a piece of wet paper around it to make it grow.

At least they didn’t put the gun in the baby’s mouth.

He wanted to get rid of all the overpopulation so he had a plan.

The ones that were imposed on Huang include being forced to squat for three days consecutively, being deprived of sleep for a month, and being shocked with high voltage electric batons.

It is vital to the health of our polity that the functioning of the ever more complex and powerful machinery of government not become democracy’s dark lagoon.

I think it’s pretty neat that they decided to use those cute bubbles instead of numbers.

I was at that moment with my mother, who had lost consciousness, and I got back just in time to prevent the black-clothed men taking away my coffin.

I don’t care what it was linked to, it’s the fact that it was done.

So I am starting the bidding for this at $150.

I would have said hello, but I really wasnt sure it was he, and then I left before I got the chance to.

They don’t know how to handle a black man being president.

Because that is the only time they’ll show up with their cameras.

Drill hole near bottom of barrel.

Barron said he has been getting calls from outraged residents in his district.

Even in a friendly pickup basketball game, he easily became enraged.

Restrooms and showers will be opened up to cross-dressing or female affirming men, thereby allowing undressing in front of women and children in a woman’s locker room.

People were yelling at me, calling me a sell-out and stuff like that. I took my wife and maybe I shouldn’t have.

I was more deadpan than anything.

I’m typing this with one hand because I broke two bones in my right hand on Friday.

The set list for this week’s show is posted here. All previous show set lists (49 as of this writing) are on my blog.

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