The Bopst Show: In the Other Ear (Episode 100)

100 episodes! If that’s not cause for celebration, we don’t know what is. Come on in and have a listen…


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Title: The Bopst Show: In the Other Ear (Episode 100)
Rating: PG-13 (Adult Situations)
Intent: To ring with the voices of the people
Quality Diversion: He whispered in his ear each time he logged on to the computer.
Suggested News Story Reading by Geographical Region: Medford, Oregon USA
Random Image: If they get drunk, do both heads vomit?
Random Music Blog: Ear Fuzz
Random Band: The Third Ear Band
Rant: Touching The Face of God
Artist/Band/Personality Not Heard On This Podcast:

Reason Why Artist/Band/Personality Was Not Heard On This Podcast: No Reason.
Construction Date: Thursday April 22nd, 2010
Equipment: Mac G5, Free Audio Editor & Recorder Software from Audacity, Frontier US-122 USB Audio/MIDI Interface, Shure SM57 Microphone
Posted: Monday April 26th 2010
Artists and Groups in order of appearance: Hal Cass, Pete Costanzo, Lonnie Donnegan, Horace Andy, Brian Auger & The Trinity, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Nick Gilder, Rapeman, Nino Rota, Willie Bobo, The Marketts, Jamie Lidell, Jenks, “Tex” Carmen, Bill Quick, The Clash, Mark Sultan, Edan, Desmond Dekker, Betty Levette, Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate

Liner Notes:
With this episode, there are now 100 hours of Bopst Shows available to you on this fine site. It is cause for some sort of celebration even if I am the only one who is celebrating the occasion. Anyway,  when I started doing these podcasts (4/20/08), it was my goal to do a 100 hours without repeating a song. I’m pretty sure that I was successful in that desire though I have a sneaky suspicion that I may have repeated a song somewhere along the line. If I did, oh well, I tried and I think you would be hard pressed to find another podcast out there with over 100 hours under it’s belt that has more no-repeat musical variety than the Bopst Show.

I’d like to thank Scott, Ross, and Val for posting my show over the last two years. The podcast edition of the Bopst Show would not exist if it were not for them. As for radio, I seriously doubt that my show will ever be on the local airwaves again (though Kaos Radio Austin 95.9 FM airs the show in Austin, Texas every Sunday 12-2 PM EST-USA as part of their Slander Sunday broadcasts). I had some meetings with WCVE that were initially promising, but nothing ever came to fruition (I think they thought I was Howard Stern or something). A couple of small AM stations offered me time (including WCLM 1450 AM, the station that fired me after they realized my replacement, Kirby Carmichael, wasn’t the goldmine they envisioned him to be), but I wasn’t interested. They all wanted me to do everything for them (secure adverting dollars, promotion, etc.) while they did nothing for me. It’s like having sex with a person that just lies there and waits to be serviced. Not only does that proposition fail to arouse, it is an insult.

If you are good at something, never do it for free.

Anyway, I hope RVANews will continue to allow me to keep doing shows for them as I love putting the shows together every week. Sometimes I think nobody actually listens to them and then someone will tell me how much they liked an episode or a particular song they heard on the show. That always makes my day. To all of you that have listened and continue to listen and download my little music program, I’d like to thank each and every one of you personally for allowing me inside your eardrums.

Thank you.

Here are some shows I’m hustling at Balliceaux this week.

DJ Doddie is back after graciously giving up his every other Monday gig to Kings Go Forth (an awesome show by the way) last week. He is one of the hottest DJ’s in the city at the moment though you would never hear such a boast from the man himself. Doddie keeps it humble. Bio Ritmo brings the dance fever on Tuesday and Fight The Big Bull tweaks the body, mind and spirit on Wednesday. On Friday, the 6-headed vinyl spinning tag team known as Cherry Bomb shakes some action to start the weekend off right.

All shows are free.

NEXT NEW SHOW: 05/03/10

The complete set list for this week’s show is posted here. All previous show set lists (100 as of this writing) are on my blog. If you hate MySpace (and who doesn’t), look me up on Facebook. I post track listings there as well.

2 hours of Bopst Show programming airs Sundays, 12-2PM (EST-USA), on KAOS Radio Austin.

Until Next Time:

Stay clean,

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