Tarrant’s gets a sister, a special happy hour hits Bistro 27, and the Dairy Bar becomes a night owl

The owner of Bistro 27 is looking to add a more intimate dining experience by introducing a “meet the chef” happy hour, Secco in Carytown tries to accomodate more ‘butts,’ and the Dairy Bar celebrates their new ABC license by staying open later.

According to Greater Jackson Ward News, Brook Road is getting a new restaurant. Ted Santerella, the owner of Tarrant’s, will open Tarrantino’s (or “Tino’s”) later this summer at 305 Brook Road. According to Santerella, Tarrant’s feeds on average 2,500 mouths per week and they are forced to turn people away on weekends–a nice problem to have. Tino’s will offer an additional dining location with a varied menu. The focus is on affordability, and portions will be a bit smaller then what you are used to at Tarrant’s. The menu will have vegan options, along with fresh seafood and meat. The best news is that balcony and outdoor seating will be available in the two story space.

According to Richmond.com, Bistro 27 is now offering a “meet the chef” happy hour every Monday and Tuesday from 4pm to 8pm. The owner, Carlos Silva, wants to introduce diners to the Brazilian cuisine he ate as a child and get the opportunity to chat up diners about whatever they may be interested in. From what we’ve heard, Silva is definitely a guy you could chat with for hours on end, so check it out! Bistro 27 is located at 27 West Broad Street.

Style Weekly reports that the Dairy Bar is planning on staying up late a few nights of the week now that they have their ABC license. They are also trying to coordinate with the Flying Squirrels schedule to host a “tailgate at the Dairy Bar” promotion on home game nights. Adult milkshakes, anyone? The Dairy Bar is located at 1602 Roseneath Avenue in Scott’s Addition.

Secco. Who doesn’t love that place? Secco is a fantastic wine bar in Carytown that offers a delicious and unique menu with an exceptional wine and beer list. The only small problem is that the seating can be a bit snug, but they are working to fix that. The beloved wine bar recently added a new communal table that, in their words, will add “more seats for more butts.”


photo by Fionnuala Bradley

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