Style Weekly dines at the new Buddy’s Place

Reviewer Machacek found the new menu from Executive Chef Carly Herring to be hit or miss.

From Style Weekly:

Mention Buddy’s to anyone in Richmond, and a thought cloud of beer invariably pops up. For more than 30 years, it’s been a reliable local watering hole with roots deep below the sidewalks of the Fan. But in January, owner Marian Dealto kissed Robinson Street goodbye and found a new corner perch in the Devil’s Triangle.

It’s no secret that moving wasn’t a choice. But sometimes even a forced change can mean good things. It gets you thinking outside of the box, redefining. And management seems to be doing just that, not only with the pretty new space, but also with a new executive chef.

“An executive chef?” you ask. “At Buddy’s?” Why not?

I’ve found Buddy’s new menu, like its new building, to be an upgrade from the original, but at the same time, the decades old dive bar trying to provide a bistro-like menu for a crowd that seems to be content with deep fried appetizers and classic burgers feels a little weird. But overall, it’s very decent bar fare.

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