Style Weekly dines at Family Meal

Reviewer Matthew Freeman finds Top Chef Brian Voltaggio’s new Willow Lawn restaurant a bit underwhelming.

From Style Weekly:

Richmond is like the underachieving and overlooked middle child of the Eastern Seaboard — we love getting attention from anyone, especially our better-known siblings New York or Washington. Most every click-bait list mentioning the city is shared in both traditional and social media, and some are even featured on the city’s webpage.

Just as our fragile collective ego is fed by the positive national spotlight, restaurant scenesters are downright giddy when celebrity chefs choose Richmond for their newest ventures. The latest collective excitement is fueled by Bryan Voltaggio’s Family Meal, which has taken up residence in the newly renovated Willow Lawn.

Reviewer Matthew Freeman clearly isn’t impressed with his experiences, writing, “Unfortunately, the phrase “family meal” evokes a different sort of response for some of us — instead of fond memories of culinary classics, we’re reminded of dishes prepared by a distant relative who fancies herself a great cook, although the whole family is afraid to tell that her food isn’t worth the hype.” Ouch.

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