RVA Internet Awards: Submit your nominations!

The time has come, dear friends, to bestow laurels upon a select few Richmond Internet superstars. Today marks the start of the first phase of the 2009 RVA Internet Awards… The Nominations.

The time has come, dear friends, to bestow laurels upon a select few Richmond Internet superstars. Today marks the start of the first phase of the 2009 RVA Internet Awards… The Nominations.

Now, some of you might be a bit confused. “RVA Internet Awards?” you’re muttering to yourself. “I thought you guys gave out the RVA Blog Awards.”

That’s true. For the past couple years, we’ve focused on blogs and blogs alone. But with the 2009 social media explosion, we thought it only appropriate to expand things a bit.

Check out the categories below and submit your nominations in the comments…

  • Best New Blog
  • Best Kept Secret
  • Best Community Blog
  • Best Comment Thread
  • Post of the Year
  • Best Overall Blog
  • Best Community News Break (via a website or social media)
  • Best Use of Social Media By a Business
  • Funniest Twitterer
  • Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer
  • Best Overall Twitterer

We’ll take nominations until next Friday, January 22. Remember, these should apply to Internet action taking place in 2009. Winners will get a sweet button/badge/jpeg type thing to do with what they like. And also glory and honor.

Go forth and nominate!

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Valerie Catrow

Valerie Catrow is editor of RVAFamily, mother to a mop-topped first grader, and always really excited to go to bed.

Notice: Comments that are not conducive to an interesting and thoughtful conversation may be removed at the editor’s discretion.

  1. Matt on said:

    Would it be a conflict of interest to suggest Ram Nation?!

  2. Funniest local twitterer has got to be my boy @JephKelley. Consistently hilarious & smart.

  3. I nominate http://RichmondInsideOut.com for best kept secret. People post short little blurbs about what they like to do in RVA. It’s great for when you’re trying to find something to do around here. And they give away prizes for top posts with a big annual grand prize. They have a blog that highlights some of the fun things to do in the area, too. I usually check the site to read real-people reviews of Richmond restaurants.

  4. David on said:

    I nominate the best new blog as http://www.bootsandtotty.com Great insight on home renovations at cost effective methods.

  5. I also nominate CafeDarkness’ Me Tarzan, You Jane blog post for Best Comment Thread. http://cafedarkness.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/me-tarzan-you-jane/#comments
    Cougars be crazy, yo.
    Also, you should check out any of Filthy Richmond’s comments to see an utterly hilarious display of nastiness and hate speech.

    Best overall? That’s a tough one. You know I ♥ thecheckoutgirl. And Tobacco Avenue is always on point. I really, really love reading Cafe Darkness when I’m feeling extra snark-tastic.

  6. I think that Virginia Farm Bureau deserves a nomination for best use of social media by a local business.

  7. Jocey Wonder on said:

    I nominate http://www.elationsdesigns.com as the best kept secret. Anyone looking to see photos and stories of great events in the Richmond area will find a treat. The blog is great too.

  8. Here’s a stab at some nominations:

    Best Kept Secret: #hashbrownnetworking
    Seriously, although it’s hardly a secret in some ways. I went only once but in that one time and in watching discussion online it was clear in 2009 that networking would not only be the purview of expensive associations or even great mixers — you could get like-minded folks together over eggs and covered and smothered as well as any craft beers (and that’s tough for me to type).

    Best Comment Thread: http://rvanews.com/features/avatar-old-story-new-dimension/24173
    I have to go with that Avatar movie thread who brought out the most random mix of crazies, thoughtful reviews and hilarity – it’s not necessarily “most important” but it has to be one of the best example of how the internets work.

    Post of the Year: Any post savaging the Richmond Flying Squirrels name selection process

    Best Use of Social Media By a Business: Frame Nation
    @FrameNation @MaryFramer http://www.FrameNation.net/
    Seriously, before most major cities even had Foursquare, Frame Nation was doing promotions on it. Mary commands a sincere personality on her own Twitter account, which she keeps charmingly separate from her business one, but whose authenticity and personality no doubt helps elevate the reputation and perception of the business. Her spunk is pure Richmond energy, is appreciated by all who follow her and her business and deserves to be celebrated far more than some gigantic business who happened to read about Twitter in Sky Magazine and decided to dip a toe in in 2009.

    Funniest Twitterer: @JephKelley
    No contest. Actual humor, not just weird flirting or puns. One of the smartest short-form writers I’ve seen. Wish he’d write a play and give David Ives a run for his rep.

    Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer: #SMCRVA (as in, all of ’em)
    I’m cheating here, but know I mean it: the rise of #smcrva has meant more chatter in and outside of real-life events about social media and its impact on #RVA, our businesses, our lives

    Best Overall Twitterer: @Knownhuman
    I wasn’t sure how to come to a conclusion on this one; i checked back through who I re-tweeted, who I dialogued with and who I’ve come to rely on interesting stuff the most. But you know what really means more to me than all of that? Being unapologetically you. Now, #rva is lucky to have lots of people that fall under that criteria, but @Knownhuman brings his wit, observation and expertise to his Tweets in a fashion that is not showy, self-serving or even verbose at times. And for the love of Tweet, he freakin’ OBSERVES with a wit that can cut an eyeball and a truth that others might self-edit before hitting “update.”

  9. First, thanks to Matt for the nod.

    Second, mentions of Matt below are not because he nodded me.

    Best New Blog: Cafe Darkness
    Best Kept Secret: MattonFire.net
    Best Community Blog: Boulivardizen

    Post of the Year: I really enjoyed the posts from Matt on Fire that kept a positive outlook in a period of change and bleakness in a dude’s life. MattOnFire, this year, was “The Blog Of Our Time” and provided insight into the mind of an unemployed man, no longer a kid but still young at heart. I guess the “Thankful For” post is a culmination of those posts, but I’d nominate any of them, really. http://www.mattonfire.net/?p=312
    100 days was also a winner: http://www.mattonfire.net/?p=200
    Best Use of Social Media By a Business: Troy Bell and his twittering account.
    Funniest Twitterer: I’ll stay out of this. John Sarvay is HILARIOUS though.
    Best Overall Twitterer: Trevor.

  10. I’d like to nominate the http://www.comfortbrothers.com as the best blog. Their design and content is top notch. It’s a joy to read their blog every week.

  11. I nominate @danaynay for Funniest Twitterer. That shit is funny.

  12. Katherine on said:

    I nominate http://www.mattonfire.net as Best New Blog. His posts are clever, charming and touching as he chronicles his life post layoff to finding his passion as a writer and social media guru. And he is damn funny.

  13. Andrew on said:

    Best blog/site:

    GayRVA.com features the best in LGBT news and entertainment and it’s something the gay community has needed for awhile.

    The Richmond Scene – http://www.therichmondscene.com
    It’s like Facebook for the arts and music community. It’s a good way to find out new RVA bands and shows.

    Best new blog:

    I Could Go On And On -http://icouldgoonandon.blogspot.com
    Karen does a lot of stuff in Richmond. She’s incredibly witty and I look forward to reading it everyday.

  14. I love Matt On Fire, too. Funny and smart. And while he probably hasn’t loved experiencing *all* of it it, I’ve loved being able to watch him go from unemployed to writing superstar.

  15. My hat is definitely off to Matt for his mattonfire blog — my nomination for best new blog. Reading his blog inspired me to seek him out, meet him and get to know him personally. I’m so glad I did. He’s an inspired, talented writer and has a very special sense of humor. I’ll forgive the fact that he’s a Bills fan…

  16. I nominate richmondinsideout.com as the best kept secret. This site is a great resource for learning more about what locals love about Richmond restaurants, shops, bars, entertainment, and lifestyle.

  17. Awww, shucks. Thanks, guys & gals.

    And here’s my nom for best social media use by a business: RMCVB. With twitter/facebook accounts that focus on the larger travel community to the locally focused Richmond Inside Out. They’re reaching a wide audience to promote travel and tourism in the Richmond Region.

  18. suzanne on said:

    Sarvay rules and I also really enjoy Harry Kollatz’s The Hat.I also second the nomination for RMCVB in recognizing the importance of Social Media and nurturing Richmond Inside/Out.

  19. I nominate http://www.10sboulevard.com/ for Best Community Newsbreak or Best Community Blog…..or any other category it fits in.

    That site was awesome before it went bust….or evicted.

  20. Ashley on said:

    I nominate The Cordial Cricket for the best social media use by a business. The Cordial Cricket utilizes a website, twitter account, facebook account, and a blog that focus’s on stationary trends, product, service, and shopping locally. The Cordial Cricket has also gained national recognition for these social media efforts and will be presenting on the topic in New York City next month. The national Stationary Trends magazine has also taken notice of The Cordial Cricket and features an article by Elizabeth Howard (owner) in the national magazine this month.





  21. I nominate Richmond Slumlord Watch (http://richmondslumlordwatch.wordpress.com/) for Best New Blog.

    Hey Snow Panda – 10 South is still around and as awesome as ever have moved to http://boulevardizen.com/

  22. High Speed Rail guy on said:

    I nominate http://www.boulevardizen.com the succesor of 10sboulevard.com as the best kept secret

  23. Filled in what moved me. Deleted the rest.

    * Best New Blog: Who has time to keep up with the new shit out there!? The world is crumbling! Markets and small Caribbean islands collapsing! Okay, yeah, I’m throwing this one for the Matt on Fire blog, too. Fresh voice, timely perspectives, reasonable amount of teeth-gnashing, when needed.

    * Best Kept Secret: I’d tell you, but…

    * Best Community Blog: No contest, year-over-year, the Church Hill People’s News maintains a low-level, serious approach to keeping its community connected and informed. I particularly like that it’s done outside of office hours! Runner-up would be Downtown Short Pump, which has really come into its own as a strong, professional source for news; I just don’t get the same degree of community dialogue/engagement from it as I see in CHPN.

    * Best Comment Thread: Obviously, the comment thread for the RVA Internet Awards post at RVANews.

    * Post of the Year: Pass.

    * Best Use of Social Media By a Business: Garnett’s Cafe because they were the first business in town to offer something of value (a free cup of coffee every single day) to the standing Mayor of Garnett’s Cage on foursquare.

    * Best Overall Twitterer: Call me a suck-up. No, really, do. I think @bpfox is insane when she’s active — kids, venting, cooking, links to interesting stories and websites. She just gets lazy (or busy, whatever) and vanishes from view a lot.

  24. Cafe Darkness for best new blog!

    younghouselove.com for best overall blog (they are now global but keep it local)(i have a several local sites that I like, but they have very little to offer by way of sensible house upkeep and repair).

    for comment thread: http://hillsandheights.org/2009/12/26/what-smoking-ban

    And I have no recommendation for twitter accounts. I don’t use it & it just looks like a bunch of @ RT NICKNAMEY @ IPHONE REFERENCE.

  25. I hope this doesn’t sound too self-serving, but CJW Medical Center was hugely successful using Twitter and Facebook to gather volunteers to help transport our staff to and from the hospital during the big snowstorm in Dec. Based on RTs and direct Twitter contact with the press we received calls from more than 130 people in 12 hours! We ended up using 45 drivers, but many others were put on a list for the future. What an eye-opener about the power of social media to our hospital team! Go Twitter…thanks! Like I said, hope this isn’t too self-serving, I am still just so excited about this success story! (And once again, thanks to all who RTed for us during that event).

  26. Best New Blog – cafedarkness
    Best Kept Secret -homeslice

    Best Comment Thread- rvafoodie.com – restaurants for the rest of us.
    Best Overall Blog – mattonfire.com

    Best Use of Social Media By a Business – @madmain @jeffsmack
    Funniest Twitterer -@danaynay

    Best Overall Twitterer -@jephkelley @jeffkelleyrva

  27. I’m throwing Marthable in for best overall blog:

  28. The guys at Farm Bureau Insurance deserve something. (Best Kept Secret, maybe?) Complete redesign of websites, extensive use of social media, local sports marketing, locally-grown food emphasis.

    They’re getting it done the way it should be done, and thriving in the insurance field–not exactly sexy material.

  29. And I’m throwing in Burgerphone;


  30. Thanks to all for the potential nominations!

    Even though I live over at Cafe Darkness, I’ve got to say MattOnFire is the best new blog of the year. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry; but most importantly he makes me a mean burrito. At Cafe Darkness, we make local bartenders angry.

    JephKelley is the best twitterer in the whole wide Mid-Atlantic. Tobacco Ave as the best overall blog is a well-deserved given.

    Filthy Richmond wins the comment threads. Pick any post and it will win.

    Either The Checkout Girl or Jack Goes Forth should pick up a post of the year award (or best overall). Again, any post will stand up to the competition, unless poop stories are ineligible for the award.

  31. I would like to nominate @scottpharr for best use of someone else’s brand to promote his own brand. But only if I can win an award too. It would be nice if Richmond.com won one too, but really, just me is fine.

    I would like a T-shirt. Or a beer dinner.

  32. It was an honor just to be nominated! Too soon? Also, I would like these awards to be televised and the camera to focus soley on the loser’s faces when the award is announced.

    Best new blog: I won’t nominate Cafe Darkness because I’m a true Southern lady so Matt on Fire. OMGWTFRVA is the bomb, too if they updated more.

    Best overall blog: Obv-Tobacco Avenue but The Checkout Girl is grand as are Filthy Richmond and Jack Goes Forth.

    Best comments: Filthy Richmond. If Jack Goes Forth allowed comments-WHICH I WISH HE DID-it would be fabulous.

    Best Twitterer: TrevorDickerson and JephKelly. Informative/hilarious.

    Best Use of Twitter by a business. Jack Goes Forth for Cha Cha’s. Duh. StyleWeekly, too.


  33. I nominate kindnessgirl.com for best new blog. The combination of gorgeous pictures and heartfelt writing are a bright spot in my day. Five minutes there and the whole world looks better.

  34. TwistedSister on said:

    Best New Blog: Cafe Darkness. Servin’ up humor with a side of sass, while saving the world one feral cat colony at a time.

    Best Twitterer: Jeph Kelley. Daily witty hilariousness in 130 characters or less.

  35. Good call on Marthable, Val. I second that!

  36. I started reading this blog just within the past 3 or 4 months. What really got me hooked was the combination of humor, honesty and integrity to the city of Richmond. She loves this city! I have experienced numerous restaurants, bars, musical venues and museums after reading her assessments and find them to be the most accurate overall of any of the others who critique. This blog is just plain fun!

  37. I’d like to nominate both Boulevardizen (http://www.boulevardizen.com/) and Hills and Heights (http://hillsandheights.org/) for Best Community Blog.

  38. Abigail on said:

    best community blog – http://www.boulevardizen.com

  39. I once again nominate two real bloggers who continue to keep it real in the RVA:

    Best kept secret:


    Best Overall:


    I also nominate, for a lifetime achievement award (to be presented following a short video montage):


  40. * Best New Blog = http://richmond-telegraph.blogspot.com
    * Best Kept Secret = Cranky Taxpayer
    * Best Community Blog = CHPN (Downtown Short Pump for Best Design)
    * Best Comment Thread = Carmelized Opinion’s Restaurants for the rest of us
    * Post of the Year = How Can I Live Without Ukrop’s
    * Best Overall Blog = Richmond Magazine’s The Hat
    * Best Community News Break (via a website or social media) = @rvabusiness @WxDan (for weather)
    * Best Use of Social Media By a Business @Flack4RIC @styleweekly
    * Funniest Twitterer (this category should be renamed Funniest Twitterer Not Named @JephKelley)
    * Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer @majidrazvi @creighdeeds (for music)
    * Best Overall Twitterer @ryanobles (you try twittering and doing your job at the same time…um, nevermind)

  41. Best overall blog.

    Well written, informative, witty, intimate, sometimes sarcastic but always honest. If you want a truly personal feel for RVA from the perspective of a local who has been there and done that, this is the blog.

  42. and mine:

    * Best New Blog = Matt on Fire/Cafe Darkness
    * Best Kept Secret = no one has told me yet
    * Best Community Blog = Downtown Short Pump
    * Best Comment Thread = Carmelized Opinion’s Restaurants for the rest of us (stolen from Ed – YESSS!)
    * Post of the Year = good lord, i can’t pick just one!
    * Best Overall Blog = yeah, ditto.
    * Best Community News Break (via a website or social media) = @WxDan because his passion for all things partly cloudy is inspiring
    * Best Use of Social Media By a Business @Flack4RIC, @jasonkenney for #hashbrownnetworking, @byinviteonlyrva
    * Funniest Twitterer: @jephkelley

  43. The Farm to Family’s Veggie Bus makes good use of twitter (http://twitter.com/farm2family) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Louisa-VA/Farm-to-Family/118315500934) to connect folks with their real world goings-on.

  44. I nominate http://gayrva.com for best new blog or community blog

    and nominating concrete circles for best kept secret. It’s all about indie music from around the world but also focuses on the rva music scene I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise http://concretecircles.blogspot.com

  45. I neglected to mention the name of the blog in my excitement to nominate: i could go on and on

    I started reading this blog just within the past 3 or 4 months. What really got me hooked was the combination of humor, honesty and integrity to the city of Richmond. She loves this city! I have experienced numerous restaurants, bars, musical venues and museums after reading her assessments and find them to be the most accurate overall of any of the others who critique. This blog is just plain fun!

  46. Redd on said:

    Give us a break, BonRod

  47. Jason on said:

    Best New Blog = Cafe Darkness
    Best Kept Secret = http://icouldgoonandon.blogspot.com, http://www.therichmondscene.com
    Best Community Blog = GayRVA
    Funniest Twitterer Not Named @JephKelley = @chokeychicken (he is so much funnier)
    Best Overal Twitterer = @shoppher

  48. Jessica on said:

    I’m voting for http://mattonfire.net as best new blog. …
    Because he is my husband and he is making me.
    No, really – I’ve learned a lot about him (oddly enough) through his blog.

    Best overall: The Checkout Girl

  49. Liberty on said:

    best blog-if your gay youre opinions are important.com

  50. The comment thread for this post is the single most helpful thread every year. I just found like forty new things to read. Can I nominate it or is that the snake eating its own tail and whatnot (Neverending Story holla!!)

  51. Thanks for the noms. :)

    Here’s my two cents.
    * Best Community Blog – http://downtownshortpump.com It’s been fascinating watching this site grow as quickly as Short Pump has.
    * Best Overall Blog – Buttermilk & Molassas. Sarvay’s tuned in on the pulse of this city.
    * Best Use of Social Media By a Business – I agree on the Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. They’ve really hit social media running by engaging media outlets and attractions in discussions regarding event calendars; developing RichmondInsideOut;and using social media to reach out and connect travelers with the community.
    * Best Overall Twitterer – @jonahholland @lewisginter @MoxEMediaGirl Not only is she involved in the community, but has also been creative using Twitter to promote Lewis Ginter’s programs.

  52. Best New Blog = mattonfire.net

    Best Kept Secret = mymilkglassheart.com and delbueno.net

    Best Community Blog = boulevardizen.com

    Best Overall Blog = thecheckoutgirl.net

    Best Use of Social Media By a Business = Lewis Ginter

    Funniest Twitterer = @mattjh2

    Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer = @majidrazvi

    Best Overall Twitterer = @ryanobles

  53. Post of the Year = 100 Bad Dates: #80

    Best Comment Thread = 100 Bad Dates: #80

  54. bigmama on said:

    I just found a great blog, Richmond Rambler: http://www.rvarambler.blogspot.com/?zx=57a0da0953f9cf58 Poetry, Fiction,Politics and a dark humor . Check it out !

  55. No thanks, bigmama

  56. Teesha on said:

    I nominate http://www.celebrationsathome.blogspot.com/ as the Best Kept Secret. Anyone looking to have a party, Chris is the best person to help you plan and decorate with a vision that is creative, fun, unique, and budget friendly. Her blog is fun to read with awesome ideas for kids and adults, alike! Enjoy!

    For the Best New Blog, I nominate http://www.younghouselove.com/! It’s the BEST blogsite about a young couple who have purchased an old home and share their home renovations, “how tos”, and overall awesome home ideas at cost effective methods. Addicting website!

  57. One of the Best Kept Secrets in Richmond is Celebrations at Home. The ideas posted on this blog are upbeat and fresh but also practical and easy to duplicate. I wouldnt dream of throwing a party without this blog!!

  58. I nominate : Celebrations at Home (www.celebrationsathome.blogspot.com) as one of the best kept secrets in Richmond. The site has fabulous ideas for all types of parties, showers and events. Chris has incredible recipes, tablescapes, crafts for kids, decorating and more! Must see for any occasion.

  59. Oh for christ’s sake

  60. Shhhh…best kept secret in Richmond – Celebrations at Home (www.celebrationsathome.blogspot.com). Great site for entertaining ideas with or without a budget! Chris has wonderful ideas for using things you already own in new and creative ways to decorate for your parties. Life is short…Celebrate at home!

  61. Best Kept Secret is http://www.celebrationsathome.blogspot.com/, because Chris makes me feel that I can make my guests feel special without spending a lot of money. Her ideas are always fun without being stuffy or complicated.

  62. Ashley on said:

    With pleasure I nominate the Cordial Cricket of Chester, VA in the “Best Use of Social Media by a Business” category. Due to have utilized social media well, the owner has been invited to be a presenting panelist in a seminar entitled “Social Media 2.0 – Using Online Technologies to Build Your Business” being held at the Javits Convention Center in New York City January 31, 2010. Attendees will learn how to use social media outlets such as facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blog sitesto promote business. Panelists will discuss their experiences and expertise using social media. Additionally, the owner has gained national recognition as a member of the Retailer Board of industry publication, Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine and is being featured in the Winter, 2010 issue of Stationery Trends magazine with her article entitled “Think Locally and Globally”.

    Clearly, the Cordial Cricket is the best user of social media by a small business in the Greater Richmond/Tri-Cities area of Southside Virginia!!!





  63. Jamie on said:

    I nominate Filthy Richmond for Best Comment Thread and Funniest Twitterer

  64. I particularly like nominations that read like advertorials. Maybe that should be an award category next year!

  65. Nominate http://www.RichmondPetLovers.com and its sister blog http://www.RichmondDogs.com for Best Kept Secret! Building a community of pet lovers and supporting local animal rescues. Pet business listings, ratings, and reviews, pet news, articles, social networking and much more!

  66. Bark Radio is a twice weekly podcast about dogs. Great interviews, timely subjects and overall great content. Bark Radio is hosted by Terry Griffith and Dee Bogetti. They provide tremendous support for the Richmond animal community and I’d like to nominate them for Richmond Best Kept Secret

    you can follow them on twitter @BarkRadio or on Facebook as well!

  67. I nominate http:// http://www.celebrationsathome.blogspot.com for Richmonds best kept secrets because Chris and her ideas on a friendly budget make any party extra special. I know first hand because of the beautiful wedding reception she did for my daughter, her talents made that evening magical.

  68. Terry Griffith and Dee Bogetti do a great job raising awareness about animals who need the basics…food, shelter and love!
    Vote for Bark Radio!

  69. Mark Drew on said:

    Bark Radio is where you should be!!

  70. I’d like to throw out some wedding vendor love!

    •Best New Blog
    I love to cook and bake and have really been excited about River City Bean Company’s Sweet Course, which pairs coffees and confections.. a new take on food/wine pairings. :)

    •Best Kept Secret
    Little White Book- http://brideslittlewhitebook.blogspot.com/
    Courtney has a sense of style like no other- another local wedding blogger receiving national attention.. we’re fortunate! It’s not so secret in the wedding world, and I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more and more about this blog in 2010.

    •Post of the Year
    I’ve really enjoyed @acaketoremember Cake Thoughts (http://acaketorememberva.blogspot.com/2009/11/diy-not-so-fastpart-1.html) Her two part series entitled “DIY Not so Fast” really sheds light on what wedding professionals are always battling.. budget brides who try to take matters into their own hands! Kara’s post are thoughtful and candid- she doesn’t sugar coat anything.. pun intended!

    •Best Overall Blog

    The Bride’s Cafe (http://www.thebridescafe.com/)- we in the wedding industry are so lucky to have a local blogger gaining some much national attention. She is always happy to show a little blog love to her Virginia vendors, which is appreciated.

    •Best Use of Social Media By a Business

    Whit Styles (@whitSTYLES and http://www.stylesgroupfitness.com/) has literally built her business from the ground up using twitter. She

    •Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer
    Elizabeth Howard with Cordial Cricket (@cordialcricket)- she’ll post occasional news about the store, but she mixes it with some

    •Best Overall Twitterer
    I’d be remiss if I didn’t nominate Monica with @byinviteonlyrva
    She tweets with frequency but also quality- plus I’m impressed to see how much she’s building her business through social media means. She’s also a frequent speaker on the Social Media scene- very well rounded.

  71. Bark Radio rocks! Twitter @ Bark Radio.

  72. **Got cut off (#70)- sorry!**

    Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer
    Elizabeth Howard with Cordial Cricket (@cordialcricket)- she’ll post occasional news about the store, but she mixes it with inspiration for the small business owner. It’s also gratifying to see her business grow thanks to Social Media.

  73. I vote for Bark Radio! It’s awesome and provides important and entertaining subject matter. They make sure people know about the important events and promote them in the Richmond area and beyond. The people and stories on Bark Radio are always uplifting and a welcome respite in the world of chaos.

  74. Bark Radio is a twice weekly podcast about dogs. Great interviews, timely subjects and overall great content. Bark Radio is hosted by Terry Griffith and Dee Bogetti. They provide tremendous support for the Richmond animal community and I’d like to nominate them for Richmond Best Kept Secret

    you can follow them on twitter @BarkRadio or on Facebook as well!

  75. Best Kept Secret: Bark Radio!!

  76. Awesome show. Very informative.

  77. Rich L on said:

    Have you no shame?

  78. Kendall Morris on said:

    I can’t read this list without adding my vote for Jeph Kelly for funniest tweeter. He always makes me smile or fall over laughing with his witty exchange.

    He is unique and I only wish I had his talent!

  79. Stef on said:

    bark radio

  80. Of course BARK is Richmond’s “Best Kept Secret” Naturally I nominate them! I remember when it was announced that we were going to have them as part of the Richmond family, I was very excited. i enjoy Bark radio and tell everyone I talk to about the program.

  81. Shirley T on said:

    Best Kept Secret: Bark Radio!!

  82. Shirley T Burke on said:

    Best kept Secret – Bark Radio

  83. I nominate Blood Lake Haunted House for “Best Use of Social Media By a Business.”

    Even with 2 long established haunted houses and 1 theme park in the area, these guys have used social media to grow their business into being competitive in only 2 years.

    It might be difficult to win this contest considering Blood Lake’s only relevant during October (although still posting updates throughout the year for all their fans/followers), they’re still deserving of a nomination.

    /BloodLakeVA on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, & Youtube
    /BloodLakeHauntedHouse for Facebook Fan Page

  84. I would like to nominate them as Richmond’s Best Kept Secret. I learned about how certain mulch can be dangerous for dogs and other outdoor animals.

  85. I agree with John’s (#64) comment about nominations that reading like advertorials. I think Best Nomination Comment should be voted on by the RVANews staff (‘cuz y’all need one more thing to do) and the winner gets an RVANews t-shirt (‘cuz they’re snazzy).

  86. Don’t type before drinking coffee, kids. Obviously that first sentence in #85 should read “nominations reading like advertorials.” Drink up!

  87. Nate’s Taco Truck for best use of social media by a business. All he uses is Twitter!

  88. Brenda on said:

    Bark Radio – Richmond Best Kept Secret

  89. Joss on said:

    Valerie, as far as most SMCRVA members are concerned, Twitter IS the only form of social media

  90. Nominate Bark Radio – Richmond Best Kept Secret

  91. Daniel on said:

    I nominate BarkRadio.com for Richmonds best kept secret

  92. Bob M. on said:

    Sure wish the Bark Radio peeps would back off. We get it. ::sigh::

  93. Jack on said:

    Seriously, Bark Radio people? Let’s use the comment section for nominations, not staged campaigns.

  94. First of all, Thank you @dbrowell for the nomination.
    My parents have more respect for twitter now.

    Ok, back to nominations…

    This is pretty difficult because RVA has some real stars out there, but here is my attempt. I will try to refrain from adding too many emoticons.

    •Best New Blog – Matt on Fire

    •Best Kept Secret – #hashbrownnetworking (I hope to make it there one thurs.)

    •Best Community Blog – CHPN

    •Best Comment Thread – too hard

    •Post of the Year – too hard

    •Best Overall Blog – I should read more but I have to frame sometime.

    •Best Community News Break (via a website or social media) – @styleweekly, nbc12 peeps (if a tag team counts)

    •Best Use of Social Media By a Business – @Flack4RIC, @puritancleaners

    •Funniest Twitterer – @jephkelley

    •Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer – too hard

    •Best Overall Twitterer – WAY too hard

    Sounds like I’m a slacker… but I can’t pick.
    btw – can I nominate rvanews? you do a great job! keep up the good work! =)

  95. I want to nominate PURITAN CLEANERS for Best Use of Social Media by a Business. Last week’s twitter post: “@puritancleaners Pants on the ground? Come see our alterations specialists #rva #pantsontheground” was pure brilliance.

  96. Best New Blog – GayRVA.com. One person’s idea and hard work turned into a fantastic resource for the gay community (and everyone). No one else has provided this sort of resource.

    •Best Kept Secret – #hashbrownnetworking

    •Best Community Blog – CHPN (though I wish it were WOTBN)

    •Best Comment Thread – Comments on Slash Coleman’s editorial about the smoking ban at Style Weekly.

    •Best Overall Blog – http://www.eatingrichmond.com/ because you can see a lot about RVA food writers and restaurant reviews in one place, no one else is aggregating RVA food blogs, and I think the site has a lot of potential.

    •Best Community News Break (via a website or social media) – @ryanobles for single-handedly making local news seem exciting and sexy. His tweets are timely, newsworthy, interesting, and yet his own personality still comes across without seeming self-important or dry. Defintely one of the twitteratti.

    •Best Use of Social Media By a Business – @2BNB_RVA. The bus was a grassroots effort and twitter was the perfect tool for advertising it. The posting of reminders, fundraisers, and live route tracking was very helpful and easy.

    •Most Thought-Provoking Twitterer –@StyleWeekly. Posts about timely Richmond and National news, starts twitter-wide discussion, and dances the fine line between personal and professional.

  97. Best overall twitterer HAS to be Robb Major

    *thanks to Andrew for the nom.

  98. Best Use of Social Media By a Business: Lewis Ginter (don’t know if it meets the definition of business but Jonah does a kick ass job) If Lewis Ginter is thrown out Nates Taco Truck gets my vote.

    Best Community Blog: CHPN in a landslide

    Best Comment Thread: Anything on Times Dispatch no matter the subject you have the comedic clash of ultra conservative and raging liberal. Fun for the entire family.

  99. Best Community Blog – I’d have to say it’s Locally Owned Richmond’s facebook page. Great involvement from the community of local businesses and the people that support them.
    Plus statistics show the popularity of this page…in 11 days it has 4,300 fans.
    It’s run by a super-awesome team of people who want to help raise awareness of local businesses and their supporters. The page rules are to keep all comments positive and show only your support for your favorite local places. No bashing, no negativity.

    Check em out:

  100. Super-awesome, huh?


  101. Hey “bigmama,” thanks again for the shout-out! rvarambler.blogspot.com

  102. Meade on said:

    Im so honored, y’all, to be nominated this year. I have to say I enjoy all the blogs in the RVA. I dont care for gayrva, however. I cant support that kinda lifestyle, and Im shocked that people are doing so. But they are very nice, I’m sure!

  103. Here is a paragraph from “Remembering Lawrence King” on the gayrva.com :

    “King, an openly gay 15-year-old, was killed two years ago by a fellow student at his school in California. This year marks the 2 years anniversary. These vigils being held around the country call for an end to violence and harassment directed at LGBT people in schools.”

    To not support such causes, is to condone continuous violence against fellow humans.

  104. gray, that is ridiculous to say the least

  105. Perhaps my statement is extreme but not so ridiculous. Recently I was told of a child being picked on by fellow classmates in a Richmond school because his parents are gay. I also know of two other families that were forced to leave schools because of the parents/grandparents orientation and were suffering mistreatment. I wonder what the children who bully children of gay parents are hearing from their own parents at home?

  106. This social networking site is Richmond’s Best at keeping the pet loving population informed of the events, issues and information on our furry family members in our area. Kudos to all involved in their tireless efforts and contributions! Thank You rPetLovers.com!

  107. Francis on said:

    Eww, Marci, that’s sick! There ought to be a law!

  108. Martha on said:

    http://www.elationsdesign.com isn’t even a blog…I’m just sayin’.

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