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Hosting a Fourth of July cookout? This week, we’ve put together deals on everything you need for a bargain backyard barbecue, including top picks for meat, sides, and all the fixings!

Hosting a Fourth of July cookout? This week, we’ve put together deals on everything you need for a bargain backyard barbecue!

Remember, Ukrop’s will be closed this Saturday July 4, but open late on Friday. Check Friday’s ad for additional sales. Kroger will also probably offer a few more Fourth of July specials as the weekend approaches.


“Buck-A-Burger” at Whole Foods – for $1 each, the 85% lean beef patties come in Sweet Onion, Cowboy, Steakhouse, Bacon Blue, and Original. I’m considering having a cookout just to try them all! Also, Oscar Mayer hot dogs are $1.29 at Kroger.


Pepperidge Farms hamburger or hot dog bun packages $1.50 each at Ukrop’s and Kroger


  • Kraft American cheese singles $1.24 each at Kroger
  • Tomatoes on the vine $1.48/lb at Kroger
  • Vlasic pickles $1.88 at Walmart
  • French’s mustard $1.28 at Walmart
  • Heinz Ketchup 40-oz for $1.50 at Ukrops


  • Lay’s potato chips $1.67 with Ukrops Savings Spot coupon (limit 3)
  • Ukrop’s cole slaw $2.29 for 15oz
  • Suddenly Salad pasta salad mixes $1.67 at Kroger
  • Bush’s baked beans $1.67 at Kroger


  • Watermelons $3.38 at Kroger
  • Blueberries $2.99 for 18oz at Kroger (Organic blueberries are actually cheaper if you can find them – $2.49 for 16oz)


  • Breyer’s ice cream $2.29 at Kroger and $1.98 Edy’s ice cream at Walmart
  • Marie Callender frozen pies 50% off at Kroger


  • Pepsi 12-can packs “5 for $11” at Ukrop’s ($2.75 each if purchasing less than 5)
  • Coke 2-liters $1 each at Ukrop’s

Paper Products

  • Dixie napkins 200-ct for $1.50 at Ukrop’s
  • SoloGrip cups 30-ct $2 at Ukrop’s
  • 40-ct foam plates or 72-ct paper plates $.99 at Walgreens

And charcoal is cheapest at Kroger – $6.99 for 17-18 lb Kingsford (Use with coupon for free KC Masterpiece barbeque sauce from this week’s Ukrop’s circular!)

Find more deals by accessing the stores’ weekly ads online:

Thinking about splurging on some bigger ticket items this weekend? Check out some of the Fourth of July sales going on around Richmond.

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Alison Brown

Check out more of Alison’s stellar cost-cutting tricks and tips over at Richmond Bargains or follow her on Twitter. Your wallet is sure to thank you.

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  1. MidloMama on said:

    The manager at my Ukrop’s said that Friday’s sale is going to be crazy! She said the some sales are the hottest she’s seen in 10 years. She wouldn’t spill all the details, and told me to wait until the ad, but did tease that 2 liters will be only .50!

  2. Cool, thanks! Looks like the ad will be released Thursday around 5pm, so I might have to add a few highlights

  3. FIFTY CENTS? I could by a bazillion of them with just the change from the jar in our laundry room.

  4. MidloMama on said:

    I got the list! They’re handing it out at the store.

    Pepsi 2 liters 2/$1
    Food Club Mac & Cheese 4/$1 (I will MAKE my kid like this better than Kraft for that price!)
    Campbell’s Pork & Beans 4/$1
    Food Club Bread 2/$1
    Turkey Hill Lemonade or Tea 64 oz .88
    Food Club Cheese Slices 3/$2
    Pet Ice Cream Sandwiches .88 (makes me wish I had a big freezer)
    Corn .10/ear
    Oscar Meyer Meat Franks 5/$5
    Holten Frozen Beef Patties 32 oz $3.98
    Ukrop’s Chocolate Fudge Pie $4.99

    Some Ukrop’s tips from a frequent shopper: You don’t have to buy the whole amount to get the good price. For example, you don’t have to buy 4 Mac and Cheeses for $1, they’ll ring up at .25/ea.
    Use the Spot machine! It’s a big orange machine at the front that prints out coupons. They say that they are supposed to be geared to stuff you buy, and some of them certainly are not for me, but a lot of them are. Like we enjoy stuff from the bakery and there is almost always a coupon for something we;ve bought in the past.
    You can also use your UVC card at the Deli kiosk to order your deli stuff to pick up without standing in line, and it remembers what your “favorites” are.
    The One-Day Deals are great (I work right near a Ukrop’s and it’s easy to duck in to take advantage.) Mondays: 50% off ground beef, Tuesdays: Bananas .29/lb, Wednesdays: double coupons, Thursdays: Eggs .99, Fridays: Bread 2/$1, Saturdays: Milk $2.49/gall.

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