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Check out this week’s top picks for meat, dairy, veggies, fruits, and more. And find out what spectacular deal going on at Kroger this week!

I’m on vacation this week, doing my grocery shopping at Colorado’s Kroger-affiliated grocery chain called City Market. Despite the different sales and store layout, it’s oddly comforting to see the same style of shelf tags, and to hear “Thank you loyal customer” when I scanned my Kroger card at self-checkout. The warm fuzzies disappeared when I was given the third degree for trying to buy beer with an out-of-state license.

Note on Kroger’s Daytona 500 “Buy 10, get $3 off” sale: $3 will be deducted from your final grocery bill when you purchase any 10 participating items in a single transaction (Items are listed in the weekly circular and denoted by Daytona tags in-store).

Meat Top Pick

Kroger is advertising “wild caught” fresh Silverbrite salmon filets for $2.99/lb. Whole silverbrite salmon is only $1.99/lb. Sounds so affordable, I have to ask “What’s the catch?” No pun intended.

Veggie Top Pick

Pick up locally-grown cucumbers for $.88 ea at Ukrop’s.

Fruit Top Pick

Get your red, juicy fix – Whole watermelons are $3.38 at Kroger.

Dairy Top Pick

Kroger brand bar or shredded cheese is $1.33.

Staples Top Pick

Chef Boyardee 7.5 oz microwave cups or 14.5-15 oz cans are $.88 each, or $.58 with Daytona promo discount. Also use “$.35 off 3” manufacturer’s coupon from the 5/31 coupon inserts.

Snacks & Sweets Top Pick

Chips are on sale – Get Cheetos & Fritos from Kroger for $1.38 after Daytona discount, or Tostitos or Doritos priced $2.50 at Ukrop’s.

Beverages Top Pick

With the 10-item Daytona discount at Kroger, 32-oz Gatorades are $.58. Alternatively, get $3.99 Gatorade 8-packs (16.9-20 oz.) with Ukrops Savings Spot coupon, limit 3.

Household Top Pick

Purex Fabric softener or laundry detergent is $2.19 with Daytona discount. Plus, you can print a $.50 off coupon from Coupons.com, or use the $.35 coupon from the 6/14 inserts.

Find more deals by accessing the stores’ weekly ads online:

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