RVA Class of 2010 Superlatives: Vote!

Ok, party people! A couple of weeks ago we asked you to submit nominations for the RVA Class of 2010 Superlatives. We got some great responses that do a great job of highlighting some of the best stuff in town. Now it’s time for you to do your Richmondly duty and vote.

Ok, party people! A couple of weeks ago we asked you to submit nominations for the RVA Class of 2010 Superlatives. We got some great responses that do a great job of highlighting some of the best stuff in town. Now it’s time for you to do your Richmondly duty and vote.

See below for the list of categories (with brief explanations as to what they are all about) and the nominees (in a delightfully random order). You’ll notice that a few people show up in several categories (NUTZY) and some even show up multiple times in the *same* category (SUSAN HOWSON). But, as this is all in good fun, we decided to just go with it. So take a look and then click the big link at the bottom of the post to vote. Voting is open until noon on Wednesday, July 7 (Note: this is a change!). Read carefully, choose wisely, and spread the word.

(Remember, you need to click the link to vote; this list is just to break down who was nominated. Votes left in the comments will not count — read and appreciated, yes, but counted, no.)

Most likely to succeed

Which person, organization, neighborhood, business, etc. in Richmond shows the most promise?

  • Broad between Belvidere and Foushee
  • Bri Spicer
  • The Richmond Squirrels
  • Nate’s Taco Truck
  • To The Bottom And Back Bus
  • The Museum District
  • Gene Cox
  • Kate Hall
  • Young House Love
  • Farm to Family
  • Secco Wine Bar
  • Casey Burke Bunn
  • The Richmond Scene
  • Black Iris Music
  • RVANews
  • Church Hill
  • Nutzy
  • John Sarvay
  • Stuzzi

Most artistic

Richmond is jammed-packed with creative folks ranging from the very established to up-and-comers. We’re sure you’ll have no trouble coming up with ideas for this one.

  • Mike Broth
  • Robert Rentz
  • Katie Ukrop
  • Amy George
  • Shaina Miesnik
  • VMFA
  • Gallery5
  • Casey Longyear
  • Hamilton Glass
  • Mary Fender
  • Tiffany Ferreira
  • Ed Trask
  • Ryan McLennan
  • Adam Juresko
  • Noah Scalin
  • My Milk Glass Heart

Most musically talented

Which Richmond musician or band do you think has got that special something?

  • Matt White
  • Dean Christesen
  • Matt Fisher
  • Fight the Big Bull
  • Farm Vegas
  • Laura Ann Singh
  • Nate (Gull) Rappole
  • The Low Branches
  • Brand New Groovement
  • The Slomski Brothers
  • David Shultz and The Skyline
  • Jonathan Vassar
  • NO BS! Brass
  • Tulsa Drone
  • Meade Skelton
  • Barrelhouse

Class clown

Is it the brains behind Tobacco Avenue? How about the folks at Richmond Comedy Coalition? Or maybe there’s just some random dude on Twitter who makes you spit Diet Coke all over your laptop on a regular basis.

  • John Reaves
  • Nutzy
  • Kendra Lansing/Boo Boo Darlin’
  • Jeff Kelley
  • Gene Cox
  • Richmond Comedy Coalition
  • Beth Petty
  • Filthy Richmond
  • Cafe Darkness
  • DR_Machine
  • Phil Williams
  • Dana Craig
  • Matt Harrington

Cutest couple

Richmond’s got all kinds of adorable power couples. Who is the MOST adorablest?

  • Dean Christesen and Audrey Tilack
  • Dan Goff and Nicole Ford
  • Andrea Olson and Kevin Orlosky
  • Matt Morton and Liz McEntee
  • Susan Howson and Nutzy
  • Kevin Clay and Andrew Cothern
  • Tyler and Gwyneth Hines
  • Jack Lauterback and his mom, Mrs. Lauterback
  • Jack Lauterback and StyleWeekly
  • John and Sherry Petersik
  • Ross and Valerie Catrow
  • Damon and Citirah Harris
  • Cam DiNunzio and Susan Howson
  • John and Nikole Sarvay
  • Jorge and Patience Salgado
  • Lesley Bruno and Susan Howson

Most athletic

With college sports, professional soccer, and a new but beloved baseball team, there’s quite a bunch from which to choose.

  • Denise Dicks
  • AnnMarie Grohs
  • Nick Noonan
  • Evan Harding
  • Joey Rodriguez
  • Jason Yu
  • Andrew Freiden
  • Stanley Fit
  • The Squirrels
  • VCU basketball
  • Larry Sanders
  • Anne Burleson
  • Nutzy
  • John Z Fields
  • Dominion Riverrock
  • Becca Wann

Biggest gossip

Who do you go to when you want all the gory details?

  • Jason Roop
  • Venture Richmond
  • Lisa Ann Setchel
  • Lindsay Schoonover
  • Rumors Boutique
  • Brian Mount
  • Karen Newton
  • Cafe Darkness
  • Jonah Holland
  • Ashley Hines
  • Karri Peifer

Prom King

Ok, this isn’t really superlative, but we mostly just want to see what you come up with.

  • John Yamashita
  • Justin Morgan
  • Paul Spicer
  • Jack Lauterback
  • Mkinsey Moore
  • Ryan Nobles
  • Chris Bopst
  • Jon Baliles
  • Prabir Mehta
  • Gene Cox
  • Tim Kaine
  • Tim Barry
  • Harry Kollatz
  • Bill Martin
  • Nutzy

Prom Queen

Same deal as the king, but probably prettier.

  • Brandon Fox
  • Lesley Bruno
  • Sabrina Squire
  • Melissa Chase
  • Antonia FD Vassar
  • Deanna Danger
  • Sara Gossett
  • Emily Brown Lacroix
  • Magnolia Jackson Pickett Burnside
  • Jennifer Carnam
  • Jocelyn Testes-Harder
  • Kate Hall
  • Dirt Woman
  • Erika Gay
  • Caroline Gibson

Most spirited

Who is totally, head-over-heels in love with Richmond and will do whatever it takes to make it wonderful?

  • Jack Berry
  • Mayor Dwight Jones
  • John Sarvay
  • Paul Goldman
  • Phil Williams
  • Ross Catrow
  • Nutzy
  • Trevor Dickerson
  • Kate Hall
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Chris Payne
  • Lesley Bruno
  • John Murden
  • Katie Elliot


NOTE: We have allowed an ‘other’ option for each question. So if you forgot to submit your nominations, or if you’re into starting spirited write-in campaigns just for the heck of it, well today is your lucky day!

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  1. GUYS COME ON! LESLEY BRUNO IS MY SISTER! That’s just not right.

  2. Jamesmurph on said:

    Is Gene Cox a candidate for everything???

  3. Beth Petty on said:

    Uh, that MIGHT have been my nomination. MIGHT HAVE BEEN.

  4. Wow, that is both hilarious and wrong at the same time.

    Also, guys, there is a glaring omission from the Class Clown category, and her name rhymes with awesome. Write in The Checkout Girl!

  5. Brian Mount on said:


  6. Jason Roop and I cut dashing figures at all GayRVA.com parties we attend, annnnndddd, my Mom and I got a free appetizer at Firebirds last night due to our overwhelming awesomeness. But I’m gonna have to go with Nutzy and Howson. Mostly because I feel bad for Nutzy.

  7. I’m not entirely sure that this is meant to be a send-up of the juvenile Twitter culture in RVA, but if so it succeeds hilariously.

  8. Kenneth Michael Shultz on said:

    Best idea ever. Where is the awards ceremony and after party going to be?! I vote Oregon Hill park!

  9. Runcible, I think you’ll find that there are several nominees here who have been known and loved in Richmond long before Twitter ever got big here: VMFA, Sabrina Squire (love her), Chris Bopst, etc. Sure, Twitter is represented, but I think our readers did a great job giving a good sample of what makes Richmond great.

  10. Matt White has forgotten more about music than I’ll ever know.

    But this is America, dammit!

    If a guy who only knows about 9 chords and plays to 3 people at the Triple on a monthly basis can win “most talented musician”, then anyone’s misbegotten dreams of false entitlement can come true!


  11. Look, Lauterback, I dispense hugs every time I see you, and nobody has ever called me huggable, so I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve this abuse. Don’t make me write in our names! I’ll do it!

  12. I think we should start a Jack & Susan write-in campaign.


  13. I love this. Hard. No way I’ll win with such strong competition such as Jeff Kelly and Filthy Richmond (class clown) and Brian Mount and Jason Roop (biggest gossip), but still, cheers!

  14. Bob M. on said:

    I moved to Richmond to get *away* from high school. :sigh:

  15. Dave on said:

    Bob M. – Richmond won’t leave high school.

    This thing is one big popularity contest full of unknown people who use Twitter way too much. Seriously, who are half these people listed on here?

  16. Dave, the people listed here were nominated by our readers. Nominations started on June 15 and folks were free to suggest anyone and everyone.

    Like we said in the post, we’ve included a write-in option, so we encourage you to add who you think is most deserving. We’re sure that some great suggestions will come in that way and we can’t wait to see what/who you suggest.

  17. Liz Mims on said:

    I vote for Trevor Dickinson for the Richmond Lover

  18. Jeb on said:

    Geez. Whiners. Runcible’s comment is easily the funniest thing in this thread before. It’s so condescending. That’s what you call it when you talk down to someone.

  19. Lesley Bruno on said:


  20. Kenney for KING! – http://ht.ly/24RtZ

  21. if he wins prom king, will he bring awkward back? am i beating a dead horse?


    these are hilarious – i love you guys.

  22. I had NO idea we’d become a gossip column. Not a bad thing though, we got it going on. Vote VR across the board! (Dominion Riverrock, Venture Richmond, Jack Berry)

  23. Courtney on said:

    The Catrows for Best Couple, of course…HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR CHILD???!!! He’s the cutest thing ever.

    Also, can we clarify which Jack Berry? There are two, ya know.

  24. If Sarvay wins, does that disqualify him from Garden Wars! ?
    Also, I vote for Nutzy. In every category.

  25. I am most certainly not a gossip! But you know who is? Cafe Darkness. I heard she spends every weekend drinking till 4 a.m. and spreading false rumors about deadbeat dads and 30-year-old gaming enthusiasts.

    At least that’s what I heard.

  26. Amy Glass on said:

    Vote for Most Artistic goes to Tiffany Ferreira for her constant dedication to creativity.

  27. Ohhhhhh snap, Karri. Way to bring it. How about you stop acting like you’re in high school! Geez!

    (BTW, FTR-If I didn’t vote for myself, I would have voted for yoooooooooooou! xoxox!)

  28. The Lone Wolf, please stop spreading rumors that we’re in a relationship.

  29. I feel like I have to admit that Nutzy doesn’t exactly return the desperate, enthusiastic love that I have for him. I mean he comes by and kisses my head a little, but…he kisses everyone’s heads. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know I’m alive. It’s something I cry about into my soup.

    However, one day I will dance with Nutzy on top of a dugout, and if promoting this helps me get there faster, then so be it. Please, Richmond, help an anthropomorphic superhero squirrel’s biggest fan achieve her dream.

  30. Which Jack Berry? RMCVB’s? or Venture Richmond’s? Can they both win?

  31. Oh, good question, Jennifer. That wasn’t specified. I’d suggest voting for him and then making a comment in the ‘other’ field. It should let you do that.

  32. According to the sexiest facebook group in the world, “Topper Dandy Makes Me Randy,” I should be voted biggest flirt.

    Yacht Rock forever,

  33. Hmmm… Jack L and Jeff K both make me laugh a lot… hmmm the others… must research… and I guess I need to quit being a homebody and get out a bit more to meet all yall! I promise that I will get out more, that will be my 40th bday resolution in July!

  34. So honored to be nominated. . but agree with Ryan’s comment–NUTZY SHOULD SWEEP ALL CATEGORIES. We are merely here to support Nutzy. let’s be honest.

  35. p.s. on the very slim chance that I *do* get voted prom queen, can Gene Cox and Trevor Dickerson be my dates? That would be the awesomest.

  36. Ryan, my garden will disqualify itself soon. It’s a disaster!

  37. Wolf on said:

    I’m voting for Gene Cox anywhere he is a candidate. I wish I had nominated him for every category. I’m sure he has musical talent.

  38. wait, I want Nutzy to be my prom date.

  39. Vote for Amy George because she sure has one artistic nose!!!!

  40. Best 80’s hair sure ! Biggest Flirt ..yeppers ! coolest photobooth…you know it.. Cutest couple with any of the cute Richmond Grid Boys..YUH HUH, but GOSSIP ??? I dunno whatcha yer thinking RVA, but if you want the low down on the DL, just DM me. shhhhh.

  41. Christi Pharr on said:

    I vote for Becca Wann for most athletic! She is truly an amazing soccer AND basketball player. (She also takes care of my little girls better than any high schooler I know!!!!!)

  42. I vote for more categories next year! How about most likely to start a Facebook revolution!

  43. Aw shucks you guys. Thanks for the nom.
    However, Ross Catrow is my preceptor.

  44. Jeb on said:

    Most likely to succeed: BokaTruck (write-in)
    Class clown: Jeff Kelley (by a nose)
    Cutest couple: Catrows
    Biggest gossip: Cafe Darkness (that’s what I heard, anyway)
    Prom King: Ryan Nobles (Really? You people missed this one?)
    Prom Queen: Kate Hall
    Most spirited: Patience Salgado (my last write-in)

  45. Sara Dunnigan aka (RichmondJobNet) on said:

    Hmmm….Gene and Jocelyn for Prom King and Queen and Cutest Couple.

  46. Aw, thanks for the nom guys! Really means alot. I mean a lot. No, no I mean alot.

  47. Lindsay on said:

    Gene Cox, for every category.

  48. Becky Gay on said:

    Prom Queen….Erika Gay….of course!

  49. I don’t know about y’all but if I win the prom queen I shoul be nominated for the class clown!!!!!

  50. Lindsay Lu Ess on said:

    Brand New Groovement…… bc they rock and my dad MIKE ESS isnt nominated.

    Mckinsey ”moon” Moore for prom king ….. bc well we all know why.

    Casey Longyear for most artistic….duh….RUMOURS!

  51. BOPST on said:

    I never went to my prom…

  52. Uhh on said:

    Jesus Christ, this is so incredibly lame. Did you people stop maturing after the 8th grade?

  53. Jolinda on said:

    Wow. Even more confirmation that Richmonders behave like middle schoolers.

  54. RichmondKay on said:

    voting for Mary Fender Most artisic

    Write in: Prom King: Drew B Crockett. VCU fashion student, killer DJ, and an amazing friend

  55. RichmondBread on said:

    When will the results be published??

  56. @RichmondBread: They were announced on July 27. RVA Class of 2010 Superlatives: Winners!

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