RVA Class of 2011 Superlatives: Vote!

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to submit nominations for the RVA Class of 2011 Superlatives. We got some great responses that do a great job of highlighting some of the best stuff in town. Now it’s time for you to do your Richmondly duty and VOTE!

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to submit nominations for the RVA Class of 2011 Superlatives. Y’all most certainly did NOT disappoint. We received some great responses that do a great job of highlighting some of the best stuff in town. Now it’s time for you to do your Richmondly duty and vote for the best!

See below for the list of categories (with brief explanations as to what they are all about) and the nominees (in a delightfully random order). You’ll notice that a few people show up in several categories (NUTZY). But, as this is all in good fun, we decided to just go with it. Voting is open until noon on Wednesday, August 6.

Read carefully. Choose wisely. Spread the word.

photo by annnna_

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  1. Carrie rivas on said:

    Go karri!!

  2. can’t believe photosynthizers was not in this.. sad…
    what about ham? most artistic??
    at least my girl marshe was in the running!!!!!!

  3. jruss on said:

    music choices are pretty miserable.

  4. Lil B on said:


  5. Yeah, this is weird.

  6. really? on said:

    do we really need to make richmond scenesters seem more cliquish then they already are?

  7. Give me a break on said:

    Come on, this is just plain silly and pathetic. I started to vote and then stopped when it got to cutest couple. Lets be adults and not encourage people to vote for friends of this website.

  8. I voted but there were some pretty good candidates who were left off the ballot (and no, I’m not being biased because I’m a photographer :P).

    If we had a write-in option I probably would’ve voted for Shaka & Maya Smart as cutest couple, for example.

  9. Disgusted on said:

    What a succinct display of how segregated a city Richmond is, along the lines of race and class. What a celebration of the fickle and indifferent bourgeois and “cultured” contingent that dictates the history and image of Richmond; a city wherein a quarter of the populace remains below the poverty line, a city with one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, whose denizens of color (comprising an overwhelming majority of the population) have been largely corralled into a few small areas and forced into dehumanizing public housing – look at a demographic map of the city.
    A city of people rich in history and culture of their own is rapidly being paved over by the college-industrial complex, given a new 21st-century facade more easily digestible to the titans of commerce and beckoning the reckless storms of economic potential.
    The lower class, the workers, the destitute; all marginalized communities brutalized by the perpetual chop of gentrification, cutting their independence and potential out from underneath them.

    I ask where this Richmond is recognized.
    I ask how glamorous are these folks being nominated are.
    I ask what they (and the people voting) have done to turn this false idealism into something substantial, tangible, and beneficial to anyone but themselves.

  10. Martin on said:

    this is so diluted now that it means nothing

    we should boycott by not voting

    rise above, rvanews!

  11. Pathetic on said:

    This is the most pathetic superlatives nominations ever! What about people that actually make a difference in the community? Glad to see not much has changed since high school and the ho’s still made it to the prom queen list.

  12. Matt on said:


    I sincerely hope you’re doing more for the marginalized peoples of Richmond then anonymously and wordily complaining about puff pieces on local new sites. It seems especially ironic that you’d choose to launch such a diatribe against the ONLY site to compile and support community run news sites from any neighborhood with such a site.

  13. Jamie Smith on said:

    Where were Kyle Harris and Brandi Price in the Cutest Couple category?! :(

  14. irishjazz on said:

    I, for one, am horrified (horrified!) that an affectionately humorous popularity contest on a blog site does nothing (nada!) to correct the economic injustices of the area.

    I want to take this opportunity to self-righteously condemn this deep injustice, combining an ineffectual bitch slap to the city I reside with a big reach-around to pat myself on the back.

    The awesome but slighted will have to console themselves with their continuing awesomeness. For the winners, noting ahead but clear skies and glorious, glorious glory. Such is the power of the admirable RVANews.com

  15. you forgot to mention on said:

    the superbly misogynist and hetero-normative language of this piece

  16. Jess on said:

    I think this is kind of cool… but

    The people who live, breath, and who bleed Richmond are it’s community which isn’t just VCU Students. It’s Richmond as a whole. Some people can’t afford college, but they have lived here their whole life and made Richmond what it is.

  17. Andy Brown on said:

    Yeah that scenester Gene Cox better not win. Don’t encourage those cliquish ex-newscasters.

  18. Mike Cool on said:

    This is so weird.

  19. Greg Harris on said:

    This perfectly exemplifies the uselessness of RVA News in general. Hack – underdeveloped – tweens (mentally, at least) writing top 10 lists for their friends and actually having the audacity to try to pawn it off as useful to the community at large.

    These selections (and worthless categories) are SO bad. Really and truly. If you don’t understand why, you need to go back to school. 98 percent of people who read this won’t know half of your stupid “hottie” couple categories. 99 percent won’t give a damn and many others will simply wonder how you ever got a job in “journalism.”

    In fact, I suggest you all go back and take journalism 101 again, then try your luck in another field. If you absolutely have to put your writing in public—-think about the fact that there is a world of people out there without your limited frame of reference. And really ask yourself before you publish (even online, home of ‘every asshole’s got an opinion’): Am i doing this for any meaningful reason? Is it insightful, or useful, or will it matter to anyone else outside of my FB friend list? Because trust me, there’s a whole world out there that doesn’t share your sense of humor or, apparently, self-importance.

    At least you’re not killing trees is about all I can say for the entire endeavor. You are, however, helping kill journalism by making it so f***ing stupid and worthless. Sorry, but someone should’ve given you tough love earlier.

  20. popularity contests have much utility for those indisposed to liking them–simply avoid patronizing whom/whatever seems most popular. Don’t complain, use this as a filter. It’s like expecting only disinterested, non=ideological journalism from an advocacy outfit like the American Prospect, CAP, Reason or Hotair. That’s not what you go to them to get–likewise, this site is plumping/stumping/rooting for RVA and thinks those people best represent it right now. Your own creative output may be criminally unrecognized (i know the feeling, it’s been 27 years and the work my family has done in advancing Bharatanatyam in VA has never been recognized by journalists nor given a fiscal lifeline by academia) but that is because the people who win these contests come and go. You will remain.

  21. You guys know that there were open nominations for this…right?

  22. I ship Nutzy/Zinger for lyfe!

  23. JM on said:

    @Greg Harris

    If its so useless then why comment? Go ahead and start your own site, generate the revenue, and hire some employees. Wait you wont. So shut up.

  24. Um, did “really?” (not sure if that’s Mr. or Ms. Really?, so I’ll keep it gender neutral) call me a “scenester”? Not sure what that is, but fairly certain I’m supes flattered.

    And I’d be happy to outline what a few of my friends who are nominated (as well as the people who run this website) have done/are doing to improve the community, should anyone who is complaining in this thread not have access to google.

    Thanks, dudes.

  25. RaeRae on said:

    Jesus people. This is all in good fun. Calm down.

    I would hope if RVA News was honoring philanthropists in the community, they would do more than an online superlative ballot.

    Lighten up Richmond. These comments aren’t sounding like the warm city I miss on a daily basis.


    Former RVA resident

    …Was I still allowed to vote?

  26. blah blah blah dont hate. Online voting is open to everyone. If you are upset about the choices then you should have nominated the people who you think deserve the internet attention. I am up for two categories and I deserve them both because I am insanely awesome and dedicated to my city. You all are a bunch of internet babies that missed the deadline to nominate. Better luck next time.


  27. Mindy Munson on said:

    sweet. I made the list. Now if only I could get a job IN Richmond :) heart you, rivah city!

  28. Ralph Brown on said:

    I vote for Mindy Munson

  29. Mindy Munson on said:

    Woah, I just read these comments. You guys are INTENSE. I think this was just in good fun. I know a friend of mine stumbled on it and randomly put in my name to amuse herself. I’m not a blip on the Richmond scene, so I don’t think that this survey held any clout. Breath.

  30. Ian Nelson on said:

    when will the results be posted?

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