Richmond Zombie Walk 2010: They want your brains!

An estimated 650 zombies shuffled through Carytown on Saturday, to 1) scare the bejeezus out of local shoppers and 2) to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Take a look at some images (and video) from this favorite Halloween activity in Richmond.

(For more information on the Richmond Zombie Walk, stop by their website.)

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Christophile Konstas

Christophile Konstas is a photographer, video editor, filmmaker, and food lover. She is also a mama to a little boy named Linus.

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  1. christophile on said:

    Here’s the full set of images if anyone’s looking!

  2. lindsey on said: that little girl dorothy zombie might give me nightmares.

  3. Those kids in the zombie family picture are creepy as hell.

  4. note to self: do not look at this right before bed
    on a related note, I’ll be up for a while tonight

  5. You guys were the ones out there doing the interviews with zombies and survivors, right? When are we gonna see those?

  6. That zombie family picture is amazing!

  7. It felt like 900 people had cameras and I can only find a few people who have posted shots of the actual walk! Our zombie outfits were pretty easily identifiable and I’ve barely seen any photos.

    How did they get the 650 count? It was definitely more than last year– participants and spectators. Who was counting?

  8. wow. the makeup is crazy good! such dedication to the zombie look! i am super impressed.

  9. kozmicdogz on said:
  10. UncleBuck on said:

    LOVE the Zombie twins in yellow/4th down. GREAT event! Can’t wait until next year …. for BRRRAAAIIINNNZZZ …

  11. Not gonna lie – a few of those are highly offensive! :)

  12. “highly offensive”? puh-leese! you don’t have the right to not be offended. if the redneck with baby on board offended you, stay home next year – it’s going to get MUCH worse!

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