Richmond 2015: Whatever your position, it’s fun to discuss

The Worlds will always provide more stuff to read about and write about and talk loudly about at your office. Let’s get together and do that in the same place. Here’s a recap of our Big Bike Race™ coverage, starting from moment one!

We cannot stop talking, listening, reading, and writing about the upcoming UCI World Championships, aka the enormous bike event that will be rolling around in Richmond for nine days in September. As the season approacheth, everything feels a little more heated. WAS it a good idea to get? WILL there be so many people? SHOULD we plan to stay or go? ARE we panicking for any legit reason? DO we have buyer’s remorse?

Because it is easily some of the most popular content on RVANews, we invited the best of the best to discuss it with us in person. This Thursday, June 5th at 5:30 PM, you’ll get to engage with these experts on the subject or just sit back and listen.

Catch up with all of our Big Bike Race™ coverage and grab a ticket to RVANews Live to continue the conversation.


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Susan Howson

Susan Howson is managing editor for this very website. She writes THE BEST bios.

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