Picture of the day: Reflections in Steel

Photo by: 13l1gh7 via instagram

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Matthew McDonald

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  1. Scott on said:

    Cool photo.

    Still wish it was a passenger train instead of a coal train.

  2. Denny R. on said:

    A passenger train from Norfolk and Richmond to West Virginia? How many people would ride that route? Not many.

  3. Scott on said:

    From Norfolk to Richmond, on to other points west?
    More than you think.

    Richmond reached its zenith as a cultural/economic center right before the Civil War when it was the passenger rail hub for the South. I say do it again.

  4. Denny R. on said:

    If there were a market for rail travel to destinations west of Richmond using those rails that run parallel to the James River, a private investor or even Amtrak would most certainly be taking advantage of that now. But we all know Amtrak bleeds money just like the USPS.

    Further, much of that coal is being shipped to emerging economies like China and India where the quality of life in those places is gradually improving. Coal provides an inexpensive way to produce electricity and create a better quality of life for the citizens of those countries.

  5. Scott on said:
  6. “Richmond reached its zenith as a cultural/economic center right before the Civil War”


  7. BTW, Awesome photo!

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