Put an RVA on it: Things that are on sale in our shop

Out with the old, in with the new! This merch has gotta go! And our Black Friday discount will further reduce their prices!

We gotta get our holiday inventory on point, and as such, we’re trying to clear out some of the oldies.

These babies are limited in quantity and discounted at various rates! All shirts are available in some sizes only.

SOLD OUT! THANKS GUYS! The 2015 Winter Pint – $5.50

Elegant, functional, and nostalgic, the 2015 Winter Pint hearkens to a season past…or is it future? Because who can really say if “Winter 2015” was January 2015…or December? You could use these at your holiday bash, featuring your own homebrew, and be still totally timely.

RVA Hearts Boston Shirt – $10

This is a completely true story: everyone in the RVANews office has this shirt and loves it, because there is something magic in its weave. Do we love Boston? Yes, sure, Boston is wonderful and we are in support of all of it. We’re also against acts of terrorism. We’re pro freedom and marathons and shirts that feel like they are made of clouds and hug your curves in all the right ways. Plus, that color!

RVA Happy Shirt – $12

Remember the “Happy” craze of 2014–or was it 2013? Pharrell’s feel-good anthem isn’t a whole lot more than that, but it sure does…go hand in hand with the Minions craze? Guys, marketing is crazy! I definitely picture minions jumping around in that RVA Happy viral video instead of prominent Richmonders dancing self-consciously, and I’m pretty sure there were no minions featured. Anyway, we’ve identified this as a perfect shirt to wear on Black Friday–the color is just right, and you can look down at it anytime you are feeling stressed out by family, crowds, or a crowd consisting of nothing but family. “I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m RVA happy,” can be your whispered mantra. Black and gold version also available, Rams fans, for $10. As is the yellow and black version!

Past Pint Glasses – $3

There’s no putting a spin on this one: Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 are definitely in the past. But do they deserve to be forgotten? That wonderful Mother’s Day you had last year when you presented your mom with a handmade paper towel holder, or that autumn day when you suggested to your boss that you all adopt a four-day work-week schedule…these are things that need to be remembered! Drinking beer is a lot more fun than scrapbooking, so we suggest you chronicle your memories this way–one pint at a time. Or two at a time. Whatever.

RVA Picture Frame – $8

I’m actually a huge fan of buying Christmas presents way early, but maybe this seems early to you. To me, it seems frighteningly late, so If you’re in need of a good gift for a person who has a sad little office in need of some flair, snap up this frame and stick a river photo behind it. Boom: RVA at its best (which, in case you were wondering, is the river with a big RVA overtop of it).

Collegiate Note Cards – $3.40

Available in blue/red, purple/gold, green/gold, and orange/maroon only. Sorry VCU and Tech folks. Your fellow alums scooped you.

Your parents were most likely involved in sending you to college. Send them-and everyone else you like to show your colors to–a thank-you note in the mail for all the help they’ve given you over the years. Bonus points if you can remember and write down your college fight song on the inside.

RVA Yellow Patch – $3.50

These patches need to be affixed to your backpack ASAP! They are neon yellow and ready to shout your city loyalty to the world…or the sidewalks of the Fan, which maybe is your world? With this patch by your side, we promise that you will never feel the cold chill of being a human without a home base, a street with no name, or a person out of time.

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