PODCAST: What’s the Plan?

Giles Harnsberger and Ross Catrow discuss what makes a city go.

Each month, Giles Harsberger and Ross Catrow dive into the deep, deep waters of urban planning in Richmond. Take a minute to listen and learn a thing about how Richmond works. This is a “podcast”–you know, like Serial but with fewer murders and AWOL military personnel. Or, if it helps you understand better, like old timey radio shows with newfangley technology.

— ∮∮∮ —

It’s the first episode of What’s the Plan? and Ross and Giles explain what it takes for your crazy ideas to work their way through the city’s sometimes convoluted planning process. It’s way less boring than it sounds!

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Ross Catrow

Founder and publisher of RVANews.

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  1. Randee Humphrey on said:

    Great job Giles and Ross–I appreciate your decoding “palimpsest,” Giles, and loved the ladybug and earwig analogy. Ross, you’re a Northsider, so I already love you for that, and am always charmed by the easy informative style of RVAnews. Thanks so much for what you’re both doing to expand the conversation and get more folks involved. Giles, you know how much I care about the ripple effects of our work!

  2. Chris OBrion on said:

    So excited about this: RVA planning geekdom! Thanks, guys.

  3. JulieA on said:

    I realize it was just a quick comment toward the end, but the idea of replacing school buses with GRTC passes seems nuts to me. Even if I assume it would exclude elementary school students, for whom the “last mile” problem is a safety issue, I still can’t make it work. For example, the 6 mile drive from Town and Country apartments to Huguenot High is a 90 minute, two-bus GRTC trip.

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