Northside Community Lecture Series

Listen, learn, and talk with fellow Northsiders.

The poster doesn’t give much insight into what this series is but their Mission Statement and description certainly do an excellent job.

Our Mission

The Northside Community Lecture Series exists to serve our community through events that couple insightful, relevant content with rich interaction among members of the community. It’s important that we never lose sight of the individuals and stories that have helped to shape the Northside and that we embrace the variety of opinions and viewpoints in our community today.

Our Events

We recognize that the Northside is a diverse community with a lot of perspectives, stemming from the complex story of the development of our neighborhoods. We don’t expect everyone to come to events with the same ideas about what our community ought to look like, and we certainly don’t expect everyone to agree by the end of an event. Instead, we see our mission as providing a venue for you to encounter and discuss these topics alongside other members of our community. With that in mind, we want to deliver lectures, stories and interactive events that spur conversations that matter about our neighborhood.

A successful event involves a comfortable, inviting venue that sets the stage for our community to encounter the planned content:

  • A local historian shares insights about our neighborhood’s formation
  • Members of our community share stories about the experiences that have shaped their lives and are descriptive about our community
  • A school board member or local school principal shares plans to school development within his district
  • Local artists share their work with the community and give members of our community a chance to encounter their work
  • A census representative shares insights about how our community has changed over the past ten years

We want lots of variety in the content, but what’s most important is the chance to discuss afterwards. Guests have a chance to agree, disagree, debate, question and more deeply engage with the content and with the other guests from our community. If we’re successful, the conversations will continue long past the event and drive greater community engagement.

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