New Restaurants in May: Reachmonde, Lapple, Sabai, Grandstaff & Stein Book Sellers

That all sounds really funny when you say it all together.

The Reachmonde

May 5th • 219 E. Clay Street

The Reachmonde opened in a tiny little corner of Jackson Ward near the Convention Center. They’ve got a menu packed with Southern-type soulfood that’s sure to fill you up and instantly make you need a nap numbering in the hundreds of minutes. Check out the “Grillswit’ “–two glazed doughnuts grilled in butter and topped with vanilla gelato. Whoa.


May 8th • 948 W. Grace Street

Lapple, which was started by folks straight out of Peter Chang’s kitchen, has a dish called “Mushroom Party.” If every meal I had was a mushroom party, I would be very satisfied with my diet and perhaps lacking in certain vitamins and minerals.


May 27th • 2727 W. Broad Street

Hands down, Sabai, the newest addition to the Mom’s Siam / My Noodle family, has the most interesting exterior on Broad Street. Tiger mural, you guys! I’m sure the interior and food is just as interesting–the promise of Thai Street at all hours of the night1 is something that I have a hard time resisting–even as I write these very words.

Grandstaff & Stein Book Sellers

??? • 2113 E. Main Street

Why is there a bookseller on this list of new restaurants? When did it open?? What is the deal??? No one knows, because it’s a secret. Well, it’s not too much of a secret or this speakeasy restaurant concept would never get in any business! Despite its impenetrable cloak of mystery, here’s what we do know: It opened sometime in May, you may or may not need a password to get in, they’re serving 20th-century cocktails and food, and it opened in the old 2113 spot.

Photo courtesy of: Sabai

  1. Their kitchen is open until 1:30 AM! 
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