Missing tacos? Don’t worry: Nate’s Taco Truck taking only a temporary break

If you haven’t seen Nate’s Taco Truck at a farmers’ market or on a familiar sidewalk, you’re not the only one. The beloved taco master has put the temporary brakes on his taco truck. Why and for how long will Richmond be without it?

If your lunch hour hasn’t looked the same in a while, it’s probably because Nate’s Taco Truck hasn’t been in your periphery. Before you and your taste buds hit the panic button, calm down and breathe. “It’s not forgotten,” said Nate Gutierrez.

Late last month, Nate and Hamooda Shami opened Don’t Look Back in Carytown, where Nate serves as head chef. “I’m doing my obligated job” first, said Nate. He said that he wants to get the new restaurant working on an “even keel” before he devotes time into the taco truck again. While he works on establishing Don’t Look Back’s kitchen, he has limited his involvement with the taco truck to just private parties. He said that if he tried to devote more time to his taco truck, he would feel as though he’s slighting both the truck and Don’t Look Back. “I don’t want to give half to both.”

As to when RVA can expect to see Nate manning his taco truck once again, the famed taco truck proprietor said it won’t be long. “I’m hoping very soon.”



photo by Erica Terrini

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Nathan Cushing

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