Midnight Monster Food Truck Court Rally postponed

The Saturday late night event has been cancelled. However, preparations are being made for it to occur this fall.

UPDATE – July 25, 12:58 PM

Organizers of Saturday’s Midnight Monster Food Truck Rally said that the event has been postponed. Karen Atkinson, founder of GrowRVA, the organization overseeing the event, said in a statement: “Due to seasonal scheduling conflicts caused in part by the overwhelming success of Richmond’s food truck and food cart community, we’ve decided to postpone the Midnight Monster rally.”

Plans are being settled to bring the late night food cart gathering to the Shockoe Design District in the fall with the hopes it becomes a regular or semi-regular event.

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Forget the aging leftovers in your fridge, because later this month, late-night snackers will have much tastier options to choose from.

On Saturday July 28th, food carts will convene for the “Midnight Monster Food Truck Court Rally” from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM in the parking lot of La Difference (at 14th and Dock streets). The event will be put on by GrowRVA, which organizes the regular Monster Food Truck Rally held at the Virginia Historical Society.

“Food trucks are a fun way to discover new foods and make new friends–or meet old ones– in an environment that’s a totally unique experience for many Richmond diners,” said Karen Atkinson, founder of GrowRVA. “This is not your parents’ fast food.”

Atkinson organized the late-night food truck event for Richmond “because it hasn’t been done here before.” She hopes the event will give the city a unique taste of its ever-growing food cart culture. The event also aims to highlight the Shockoe Design District, an area of town trying to brand itself as a key center of creativity.

Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. I wonder if the 1:00 AM club crowd in Shockoe Bottom will be into Food Trucks or if the Food Truck crowd will will venture downtown that time of night. It shouldn’t be a problem, but somehow I think it will be.

  2. This is going to be awesome! “Hear No Evil” will be there and we throw headphone parties!!!

    A Headphone Party is where two eclectic DJs transmit their completely different styles of music simultaneously through a set of specially designed wireless headphones. The users of the headphones have full control over the selection the DJ as well as the volume. Need to speak to someone? Just remove the headphones or turn down the volume and communicate with each other. In other words, its like having a party while no one else is disturbed.

  3. Willis on said:

    I hope they actually have the permits in place this time. Last food truck rally in the bottom i went to was a disaster with most of the carts unable to sell anything due to a lack of required permits.

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