Live at Ipanema: Liza Kate

Allow us to introduce our newest music venture: Live at Ipanema.

The lovely folks over at this favorite Richmond watering hole will be hosting some excellent musicians for comfy-cozy, living roomish performances each month. Soon after each show, you’ll be able to head on over here to download the entire set and check out some awesome pictures from the performance.

And now for the first installment…Liza Kate.

In case you missed it


[audio: This Goes On.mp3, Sun’s No Fool.mp3, Lose the Covers.mp3, Cut Me Down That Tree.mp3, She’s a Machine.mp3, Don’t Let the Dogs.mp3, No Good.mp3|titles=This Goes On,Sun’s No Fool,Lose the Covers,Cut Me Down That Tree,She’s a Machine,Don’t Let the Dogs,No Good|artists=Liza Kate,Liza Kate,Liza Kate,Liza Kate,Liza Kate,Liza Kate,Liza Kate]












Photos by: Phil Bowne

You can catch more from Liza Kate at the release show for her new CD (from Holidays For Quince Records) on May 22nd at Gallery5.

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Valerie Catrow

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  1. Scott Burger on said:

    This is great. I am sorry I missed the actual event- I know it got postponed.

  2. The original date for this show got postponed due to that big snow storm we had that first Sunday in March. The next Live at Ipanema event will be at the end of April. Details will be announced as they become available!

  3. The recording is fantastic btw, and who doesn’t love Liza Kate? FOOLS THAT IS WHO.

  4. Liza Kate on said:

    Thank you a billion times over!

  5. Branch Clarke played me her stuff not too long ago. Nice…

  6. Just trying to get the word out. And that word is terrific.

  7. Great stuff Liza. Even the tune you said was weird!

  8. Her voice makes me wish I could sing. *SIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGH*

  9. Really beautiful. Never heard of Liza Kate, but now I’m a huge fan!

  10. Liza, Great work!! I had a lot of fun at the actual event as well!

  11. This makes me miss Ipanema and having a whole pile of roommates. Hey Liza. Back in 2003, when we shared a house in Barton Heights with way too many people, I would always hope for living room concerts. Was I supposed to cook for you or something? And I think I went to Spanish class with that Tom Waits lookin’ dude. (hoping some of this fame rubs off on me!)

  12. Tom Waits lookin’ dude is the very talented Jonathan Vassar. He added the very nice vocal/mandolin/harmonica/accordion accompaniment to the last few songs. Jonathan has an EP out and is working on another to be out later this year (summer?). Check it out!

  13. Jonathan Vassar on said:

    Thanks, Bergendahl.
    For those of you who don’t know, Allen is the man behind the tricky affair of recording the live set. It’s also worth mention that he IS Viking Recording Company, responsible for engineering top notch records by the likes of Homemade Knives, Anousheh Khalili, Mermaid Skeletons, David Shultz, Now Sleepyhead (the list goes on and on).
    Good job Allen– Check YOU out!

  14. Great White Jenkins is next on our list for Live at Ipanema!
    April 26th 10pm
    Great White Jenkins on Myspace!

  15. thanks for putting this up. I love Liza Kate here in DC! wish I could make it for the record release show, but I will check out the new album. Good work RVANEWS!

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