Live at Ipanema: Homemade Knives

Last month Ipanema Cafe hosted a wonderful performance by Homemade Knives. Headed up by Wil Loyal, Homemade Knives has very recently come off a three-year sabbatical. Well, folks, they are back in action and just plain wonderful. Have a listen (and look) at their performance (there are even a few Springsteen covers in there for you).

In case you missed it


[audio:,,,,,|titles=Nebraska,Secret Garden,Mansion on the Hill,Dancing in the Dark,I’m on Fire,The Missing|artists=Homemade Knives,Homemade Knives,Homemade Knives, Homemade Knives,Homemade Knives,Homemade Knives]


You can also check out video of their performance of Dancing in the Dark here.

(Photos by Karen Seifert)

Don’t forget to check out the next installment of Live at Ipanema THIS SUNDAY, August 8 at 10pm, featuring River City Band and costing you $0. 917 W. Grace Street, be there.

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  1. kendra on said:

    Just another incredible reason to keep doing this series. Each time I click play its like a wonderful surprise gift.

  2. Dave on said:

    Wil Loyal’s name is spelled with one L.

  3. Such an amazing set. I’ll be listening to this forever.

  4. So it is. Sorry about that, and thanks for the heads up.

  5. Christina on said:

    Yes! Been anxiously awaiting this one. Nice work everyone.

  6. Just an FYI, all these songs are Springsteen covers.
    Re-tooled by Homemade Knives to suit their purposes.
    If you missed it live, soak it up here! Who knows when they’ll play ’em again!
    Sunday night, River City Band!

  7. Joss on said:

    These guys blew me away at Gallery 5 a few years ago.

    The best part is when they turn off the microphone and dude just hollers out.

  8. BOPST on said:

    my favorite music series just keeps getting better. awesome…

  9. elmer on said:

    it was a surprising treat indeed. glad i caught it.

  10. When and where are they playing again?

  11. no shows that i know of right now…
    Check in with “The Foundry” at

  12. Karen on said:

    Also a video of one of the songs, the audio isn’t the best but you can download the audio for that!

  13. Karen on said:

    Oh I see they linked the video too. Oops.

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