“It’s not about the nail…”

Jason Headley is getting all kinds of Internet famous thanks to the release of his new web short “It’s Not About the Nail”, a commentary on the communication struggles between men and women. Take a look at it–and let us know if he got it right.

Writer/actor/filmmaker Jason Headley is getting all kinds of Internet famous this week thanks to the release of his new web short “It’s Not About the Nail” on Vimeo. It’s all over the place now: College Humor, Funny or Die, USAToday, just to name a few. But in the off chance you haven’t seen it, take a look:

Headley’s commentary on the communication struggles between men and women seems to have struck a chord with people, inspiring a lot (a lot…a lottttttt) of Facebook shares, tweets, and comments of “LOL, so true!” It also earned a spot on Vimeo’s list of Staff Picks.

I’d love to know what you think, though. Does Headley get it right? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Valerie Catrow

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  1. Sam Davies on said:

    Thanks. Now this is stuck in my head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzabIxqEEE0

  2. Yep. Spot on. Although I’d like to think that, should I find myself with a nail in my forehead … it would be ALL ABOUT the nail until that f*cker was outta there. Just sayin’.

  3. I definitely related to this, but not as a man-woman thing. (I’m a woman and I am often admonished — by male and female friends — for trying to solve the problem instead of just lending an ear.)

  4. Donnell Allan on said:

    This is so wrong! This little video mocks the real problems with which women may be dealing by pretending they are obvious and easily fixed, if only the woman involved would let the man fix it. I found it extremely condescending to women. “Okay, dear, I get it, I will just listen to you, you silly adorable thing.”

  5. thecheckoutgirl on said:

    Is Jason a Richmonder?

  6. Bonnie on said:

    I agree – this video is very condescending to women. The implied message is that women are clueless to real issues, care only about their feelings, and want all those around them to suspend their own reality and focus solely on the woman’s feelings. The video perpetuates the male arrogance that portrays women as clueless and helpless and men as rational and capable.

  7. William Burnett on said:

    Bonnie and Donnell, grow up. Having a chip on your shoulder is a juvenile way to deal with a problem. The only reason this is funny, to many women and men is because there is some truth in jest. Not everything has to be about making a bigger statement. Even to Freud sometimes a cigar was just a cigar.

  8. @thecheckoutgirl No, he’s not. I just wanted to put it out there, see what people thought about it.

    @Donnell and @Bonnie, I had a similar reaction after watching it through a couple times. I agree with William’s whole “truth in jest” point, but I couldn’t help but cringe a bit.

  9. Tom on said:

    Sometimes you have to go to the obserd to make your point. Men by nature are fixers. It seems to men, that women want a man to be a man when manleyness is needed, and if he dosen’t display said manley traits, when needed, he’s a wimp. But then she wants him to react to her problems, just as if he were one of her girlfriends. Sorry ladies, you can’t have it both ways. To me, and I would venture to guess to most men, the video hit the nail (no pun intended) squarly on the head. The problem is obvious, “YOU HAVE A NAIL IN YOUR HEAD !. Pull it out, and you will feel better. Then we can talk about it. The bottom line is, it’s unfair for a women to expect a man, to be a man, when she needs it, and then for the man to go against his nature, and not try to fix it, when she just wants to talk.
    And then expect a man to like a women, when she needs it.
    It’s unfair of women to expect a man to be the man, when she wants a man

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