Happy Weekend, RVA: Threat level—low

We have finished our journey down Tipsy River and will resume regularly scheduled programming next week. It’s all Shockoe Stadium, BRT, and monuments from here out, guys! Just kidding!

Photo by: i threw a guitar at him.

“TRACK IT: Today’s Primary Threat” is a thing I can do on Weather.com–as you probably know by now, each day has a series of threats, organized by alarmingness. At time of writing, the primary threat seems to be a tiny grey cloud icon covering a big yellow sun icon, which will happen in about thirty minutes. This weekend, your primary threats will be low 90s, lots of sun, 0% chance of rain. Apparel translation: a suit made of garden hoses, because your plants are going to need it.

In case you missed it

Aw, mannnnnn. Local Booze Guide 2015 is over. I mean, you can still read it–forever. But we will no longer be posting anything about alcohol, ever. 

HA! Huge joke on you! We run a weekly column dedicated solely to beer. You can never escape the RVA craft brew scene’s hoppy clutches.

I will miss this week. It brought me so many good things, such as Jeff Mueller’s take on applying Buddhist philosophy to your parenting, which in turn coexisted with my experiences at a Mindfulness series very well. 

Hayley DeRoche’s piece about hating your pet once you have a child did not bring us any haters, which confused us all. Is it that we all can relate? Pretty much the moment my son was born, I certainly went from being apathetic about my cat to rueing the day he clawed his way into my life. My dog, however, is a perfect angel. Mostly because she’s a late sleeper.

Hardywood bit off a big chunk of the local news this week, as we all tried to pretend that Goochland is totally a reasonable amount of miles away. If you kept going in that direction, you’d find yourself among some beautiful wineries. We recommend you give Page Hayes’s Richmond beer explorer guide to all of your out-of-town friends (perhaps those who live in the uncharted country past Goochland?) and invite them to see what RVA beer is all about. Just look out for those hoppy clutches.

And if you need ways to keep yourself motivated for the Big Bike Race™, consider that cycling fever doesn’t just apply to the actual races themselves.

Also a million other things, like 5 Things, 5 Things for Families, Beer News, Food News, and many others.

We also updated our Confederate symbol media timeline with new stories, such as the planned monument removal in various other Southern cities. A guy on Facebook commented with a plea for us to, for the love of Lee, cover ANYTHING else. See above fifty paragraphs full of links to billions of articles from the past seven days. That should do ya.

That said, we will continue to cover this very important national topic. Onwards!

Heads up

Next week, we will be learning about electric football, Comic Con, Low Line, apps used to help the anti-domestic-violence cause, August festivals and live music, and more more more! 

Reasons to stay in bed

  • Hoppy clutches
  • Trump is out there. It makes me want to shake people by the shoulders and say “DO NOT SUPPORT THIS TERRIBLE MAN!” Not only is he full of crazily bigoted out-of-touch plans, but he is literally wasting your time and money. No one is going to elect him. 
  • Thug Kitchen is a minstrel show that scares me both in its intentional racism (it’s written by two caucasian yuppies, which is fairly obvious) and in its devoted following of white people. Check out the Spike Lee joint Bamboozled ASAP. Nothing good can come of this, and you look ridiculous. Save yourself from the scorn of posterity by stopping right now and issuing an apology. I mean, after you’re finished getting rich on other people’s inherent racism. (Wait, maybe they are smarter than we are.) People, there is NO SHAME in taking the time to learn about how you are a prejudiced person and working on being better. We all are. We all grew up in a messed up system. We will hurt no one by intentionally rejecting it. 

Reasons to get up

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