Happy Weekend, RVA: That’s worrying


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The latest edition of Weather.com’s Doom’n’Gloom funfest:


The potential for WHAT!? Plague of frogs? They got me to click, which was their wish, and I hate that I succumbed to their ploys. But FYI it’s heavy rains in the midwest. 

In RVA, however, we will get no such rains. Low 90s for us with thunderstorms in the PMs, aka “summer.” Apparel translation: a bathing suit and a poncho. Don’t forget to pack dry underwear. 

In case you missed it

The Women’s World Cup is HAPPENING, like right this minute. At time of writing, I have no idea if Abby Wambach and co. will defeat the Evil Swedes with their coach-who-was-formerly-our-coach in the Friday night match. But I do know a fair amount about that situation, thanks to Richard Hayes. Either we are all rejoicing right now or we aren’t. I hope it is the former.

And guys, there’s a disturbing lack of bars and restaurants doing WWC 2015 specials and screenings. Looking at you, Union Market. No special projections this time around like you did with the men’s team, eh? And my beloved Market isn’t alone. Doesn’t everyone get that this team is a team that wins things? Have you not seen Dare to Dream?? Did the FOX ad fail to move you?

Do…do you hate national treasure Mia Hamm and everything she worked so hard to do? 

Sarah Milston wrote a fantastic story about how items don’t really matter when your family lives in two houses. Which dovetails perfectly with Sarah Fought’s long-anticipated follow-up to her #KonMari life.

New contributor Sean CW Korsgaard sure found out a lot about the future of high speed rail in Richmond, a potential project I find potentially fascinating. In other Richmond news, we had an election.

Also, I want to try orange wine.

Heads up

Next week is already giving me a headache, guys! A headache of unfinished OmniFocus tasks! We’ve got #untoldRVA, more on 10 x 10, RVA Playlist, Sam Davis on Raising Richmond detail (do you secretly eat things?), Judi Crenshaw gettin’ real with Our House, Family Finances, the Brewer’s Ball, the Vegetarian Festival, the Dog Show–please get excited. It’s all I have anymore!

JK I have all these links!

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Reasons to get up

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