Happy Weekend, RVA: May it be a long one

This week shall forever be known in history as “Duck Army” week.

Happy weekend, RVA! And a happy week it has been! This is your “last weekend” of “summer,” and unfortunately, it’s gonna be fairly cloudy and maybe rainy, but hey. Low 80s. You know? Apparel translation: swimsuit, ketchup, and wistful expression. 

In case you missed it

A stunning Our House by Maggi Tinsley, whom you may know as @maggistitches, made me want to hug her family with huge weird arms that can hug three people at once. More adoption-related Our Houses are in our future, do not worry! Many more!

Valerie Catrow was excited about two different family-friendly places, and we were excited as well, because sometimes we get bored of the playground near my house and desperately want it to be replaced with something new and exciting that preferably involves tri-cornered hats. By “we” I really mean “I,” but I think it will grow to include “you” once you check out the newest Virginia Historical Society jam and the ARCPark.

Andrew Cothern’s monthly roundup of must-attend shows includes many hip, young, talented bands. And it also included the Gin Blossoms! Ohhhh sick burn, Gin Blossoms! I don’t really have anything against you except that I thought you were really uncool when I was a teenager!

Not to be outdone, I rounded up my own list of things for the month. A festival list. And you should really check out this weekend’s Tattoo Arts and Film Festival at the VMFA, and also you should suggest they rename it “Sweet Ink Brah” because that’s what everyone’s going to call it anyway.

And, as usual, Stephanie Ganz makes me laugh but also informs me sagely with this week’s food news. I’m so grateful I get to discover developing trends like drinking vinegar full hours before the rest of you do, so I can go buy out the entire local supply and sell it, bottle by bottle, to vinegar-crazed fiends. You know what they say, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar–which can’t possibly be true because now I have all these cool vinegar-addicted friends.

Have you ever seen Richmond alleys look so beautiful and magical and sometimes funny and sometimes sad? I mean…from the comfort of your own mobile device. Heaton Johnson has delivered the goods so that you may peek into Richmond’s secret places even if you’re on vacation elsewhere. 

RVANews Live #004 is almost here

Food by Relay! Beverages by Total Wine! Things to think about by Sarah Fought and Ana Edwards! You really don’t want to miss it, and we really don’t want to miss you. It’d be a big hassle to miss you anyway, because we’d have to find a rainy window to look out of, longingly, and we don’t have time for that. Just think! You can almost certainly engage Ross and me in a conversation and expect us to yell at each other within mere seconds while Lauren rolls her eyes and updates the blog we’re convinced she’s writing about us on the side. Meet us and meet other readers. Get your ticket!

  • Thursday, September 10th • 5:30 PM (doors open at 5:00, program starts at 5:30 sharp).
  • Visual Arts Center, 1812 W. Main Street
  • $15, includes one drink ticket! Food is gratis!

Heads up

There will be NO, I repeat, NO Good Morning, RVA on Labor Day. There WILL be a lot of really fun content on Labor Day, though, for those unlucky bastards who are stuck at work, reading the Internet resentfully.

Then, Family Finances, some cool stuff about bike culture in Richmond, a new column about local race opportunities for those of you who are into that whole running and fitness thing, Armenia, PrideFest, Minecraft, and…oh yeah, that’s right…MOAR BRT.

Reasons to stay in bed

  • Here’s a great reason: Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is on Netflix. As is Reading Rainbow. I genuinely enjoy watching both, though I haven’t been six years old in at least 15 years.
  • I know this already made an appearance in GMRVA, but read it again because it’s that funny
  • Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen continue to convince 99% of America that they are producing good music, and I don’t really get it, as it sounds like something that came pre-programmed on a synthesizer from Best Buy. But turns out there’s a reason for that! Because karma sucks a ton, my son recently saw a photo of Carly Rae and identified it as me. I broke it to him that unfortunately I am not a 20-something millionaire, but yes, we do both have bangs.
  • You can easily become Ant Man with this $600 tool!

Reasons to get up

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