Happy Weekend, RVA: Joaquin in the Big Bike Race™’s footsteps

Breaking news: Joaquin lends itself to a lot of puns.

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Happy weekend, RVA! We resume normal weekend programming after a couple weeks of shifting things around to accommodate some sporting event that was in town. I’ve already forgotten. JK, more on that in a sec.

For now, you know the deal. It’s very, very rainy, with highs in the low to mid-60s for the rest of the weekend. We’ve missed the brunt of Joaquin–but not before it canceled a bunch of things. What a complete and utter tool! The good news is that this loads up our late-Octobers and Novembers with many rescheduled events. Apparel translation: Waders.

In case you missed it

The Bike Race

We had quite a week, doing much, much typing and thinking and yelling at each other as usual. In the wake of the UCI Road World Championships, I spoke to Matt Crane from Richmond Cycling Corps again, and together, we had a ton of thoughts about Peter Sagan, the implications of his win, and how city residents’ attitudes have changed towards the event and, hopefully, similar events in the future.

The Fair

I’m not going to say that the Fair canceled operations this weekend because it is expensive and boring, but I’m not NOT going to say that. I will say that it is probably because of heavy rain, as reported. Sorry, Fair. I do feel bad for the young people who were looking forward to showing off their prize produce, animals, and decorated haybales. I did really enjoy many parts of it, too, including the dinner garden display. That was super cool.

Speaking of gardens

Stephanie Ganz’s report on Garden Patch salad bars and the tendency of small children to choose healthy food gave me hope for the future. Refer to the sidebar to see if your kid’s school is on deck to receive a Garden Patch!


We’re beginning a new column, courtesy of Maat Free, that will provide some perspective and some history about the ongoing and often very tense conversations surrounding that age-old question of “How, just how, do we even BEGIN to honor slavery-related spaces without being too this or too that? And why is it even a big deal? Can’t we just move on?” Yes! Moving on is wonderful, but it needs to be done with consideration, and Maat would like to help you understand the bigger picture.

Remember me? The BRT?

Ross Catrow is becoming a transportation expert, and it is a very interesting thing to witness. This week, he answered the question “What about the ding-dang left turns that we won’t be able to make anymore? Is that even true?” Yes, it kind of is, actually.

The Folk Festival approaches with a roar!

ARE YOU VERY EXCITED? Here is our music and dance guide as well as our artisan guide

More next week, as we delve deeper into the mind of a folk artist. Why, why do you make such beautiful sounds/things/movements?

Things to do

There are so many, but do keep checking on their various Facebook and WWW pages for weather-related updates. 

Reasons to stay in bed

Reasons to get up

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