Happy Weekend, RVA: It’s here!

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Photo by: wackystuff

Happy weekend, RVA! As we welcome folks from all over the world to the awesome place we call home, the weather has decided to be imminently cooperative: Sun and comfortable temperatures as far as the eye can see (at least until Monday)! It’s weather that just screams “RIDE YOUR BICYCLE!”–but in a supportive way, not a “There’s a deranged man with an axe chasing after you!!” kind of way. Apparel translation: spandex, tons of it.

Big Bike Race™ survival guide

There is literally nothing else to talk about other than the Big Bike Race™, which, depending on when you read this, could be going on right now. Below you’ll find everything you could possibly need to know heading into the Week of Bikes. I feel like Week of Bikes might need a ™ too.

Stuff that doesn’t involve big bikes or big races

I know it sounds crazy, but stuff happened this past week that did not involve the Big Bike Race™:

The ever-charming Stephanie Ganz walked us through this week’s food news, which is headlined by delicious, delicious Oktoberfest. Sausages, pretzels, and festbiers are honestly some of my favorite things. Dang! I love Oktoberfest!

The Amazing Raise raised an amazing amount of cash. I need to start a nonprofit…

Our new top-notch photographer Heaton Johnson took these great pictures of folks and their dogs. Here’s a fun game: try and guess which name belongs to the owner and which to the dog.

Speaking of photos, Susan Howson had the chance to stop by the new Quirk Hotel and whoadang, that thing looks nice. When does the roof-top bar open and what are the happy hour specials?! Tell them to me!

OK, OK, this one is Big Bike Race™ related, but it contains a Third Amendment joke!

Reasons to stay in bed

  • The Big Bike Race™ is here, y’all!

Reasons to get up

  • The Big Bike Race™ is here, y’all!
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