Happy Weekend, RVA: It’s 90 degrees, have mercy, John, please!

The hotter it gets, the weirder we feel.

Photo by: James Marvin Phelps

I’m not sure when I decided to start your weekend off with the latest Weather.com doom’n’gloom, but now I can’t stop. WITHOUT CHEATING, I would like for you to try to guess which one is today’s ray of sunshine:

  • HEADS UP: It Could Last for Days
  • This Is Why You NEVER Drive into Floodwaters
  • PREPARE NOW: See if Your Area’s in the Severe Weather Threat Zone
  • NOAA Confirms What We Already Feared
  • If Our Food Can’t Adapt, We’re In Big Trouble
  • It Was a Normal Fishing Trip until Hundreds of THESE Suddenly Appeared

Answers at the bottom!

Mid to upper 90s this weekend. See you indoors. Apparel translation: a dissatisfied sheen.

 In case you missed it

Hands down, my favorite piece was Judi Crenshaw’s Our House about celebrating the hard times along with the good. We all have to go through things to be well-adjusted individuals! Her children were no exception.

Oh wait, I also muchly enjoyed Amanda Gibson’s Family Finances on your hourly rate. I cannot stop thinking about it. And three cheers for Abby Waller, who enjoys the Vegetarian Festival as much as I do. 

We also started chronicling FIFA’s weird sexist jams–and also just their weird regular jams. If you find any others, feel free to send them our way. In the meantime, there’s a match this Monday that you gotta watch, y’all!

After I read Sam Davies’s thing on Secret Eating, I actually felt more inclined to secret eat. Fun fact: we enjoy telling my son how we totally eat ice cream IN BED after he goes to sleep. I think he just doesn’t believe us. Answer at the bottom!

Heads up

Next week is bananas again, with an amazing thing about an amazing place in Petersburg that you haven’t been to. Also, Hayley DeRoche’s top summer reading picks for kids, Richard Hayes’s match preview for Monday, the newest installment in 1708’s 10 x 10, a sobering account of the Auschwitz exhibit at the Holocaust Museum, and many more things.

Reasons to stay in bed

Reasons to get up


  1. They are all real.
  2. Yes, it is true. SO true.
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