Good Morning, RVA: The pageantry of it all!

Contains zero Star Wars jokes, but only because none came to mind.

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Good morning, RVA! We had a brief chill over the weekend, but today’s temps will get close to 60. It’s 42 °F now, and you can expect a few clouds and a few droplets of sweat coalescing beneath your Rudolph sweater.

Water cooler

Your normal host is on vacation this week, so Good Morning, RVA’s focus will shift from Nonstop Star Wars to Nonstop Punctuation Chats! JK, I’ll try to throw in some Star Wars jokes so that the transition isn’t too jarring. If I give up and turn it over to The Little Mermaid jokes, you’ll know I’ve depleted my reserves.

Terrible weekend on the gun violence front in RVA–three separate shootings with three fatalities and four injured, reports the RTD. One of the deceased victims was a 12-year-old girl named Amiya, who was playing in her front yard. Just because we’re at a low for homicide count this year doesn’t mean that we have anything to celebrate.

I enjoy the fact that the actual sports game in progress was mentioned in the headline of this article about a Henrico family being so absorbed in football that they were unaware of a house burning down around them.

Yeesh, read a few right-wing articles about the Augusta County school system shutdown due to parents going nuts about their kids learning about Islam and then convince me that the next step isn’t painting “MUSLIM” on Muslim-owned storefront windows. The folks at UVa have garnered support against this alarming trend in response to politicians suggesting Muslims be registered. The present is a terrifying place.

Not sure that the legality of the late-night City Council vote to pass Boulevard development stuffs changes the slickness of it. Of course it’s legal. It’s just bad form.

On a brighter or at least much more sparkly note–Steve Harvey crushed someone’s dreams and made someone’s life simultaneously, but that’s what you do as an emcee of the Miss Universe pageant! BUT THEN! He did it again! This is both awful and wonderful to watch and maybe brought more attention to the Miss Universe pageant than it’s ever had!

A separate pageant also happened this weekend, as the Democrats debated FOR THEIR LIVES. Here are some fun charts.


  • Rams lost clumsily to the Cincinnati Bearcats on Saturday with a final score of 69 – 63. Now is not a great time to bother VCU fans about much of anything. They’ll try again with the Buffalo Bulls tomorrow at 7:00 PM at the Stu.
  • Spiders take on Presbyterian tomorrow at 12:00 PM at the Robins Center. Consider skipping out on work and heading to UR’s campus to see just what the “Blue Hose” have to offer. Blue Hose!
  • Cavaliers defeated Villanova Wildcats (75 – 86) in Charlottesville on Saturday. They’ll play California Golden Bears tomorrow at 9:00 PM — guys, college mascots can be so good. Watch on ESPN2 and ESPN3.
  • Hokies destroyed Grambling State (52 – 87) in Blacksburg on Saturday, and they’ll take on St. Joe’s Hawks in Brooklyn tomorrow at 1:00 PM. Watch on ESPN3.
  • Washington won against the Buffalo Bills by 10 points (is that good? bad? football!) at FedEx Field yesterday with a final score of 25 – 35.

This morning’s longread

Bryant Gumbel: ESPN, CBS Gave ‘Big Wet Kiss’ to NFL

Turns out, sports can be interesting to read about even if you’d rather drink turned eggnog than sit through a football game.

Here’s how much of a radical I am: If we had a situation where the athletes in the non-revenue producing sports–tennis, volleyball, track and field, rowing, baseball–if those athletes were predominantly black, and the athletes in the revenue-producing sports, basketball and football, were predominantly white, this issue would have gone away long ago.

There’s no way people would have stood for it. It would not be an issue. But the reality is nobody but nobody in this country cares about young black men. They don’t. They don’t give a shit. They just don’t care.

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