Good hair does the trick: Natalie Jackson, Bombshell’s bridal specialist

Warning: learning about what goes on in the mind of the bridal hair stylist will make you feel emotions. We do not kid.

Natalie Jackson works her hair magic on brides-to-be at Bombshell. Not only does she love her job, but she finds something really poignant in it that will make you think harder about hair during the next wedding you attend. To book hair with Natalie for a special event, make sure you plan ages in advance. These guys and gals’ calendars fill up extremely quickly.

Natalie’s Story

I came into the bridal industry thinking I was there to do the hair, to merely style everyday women, to make them feel beautiful. But as a hopeless romantic, my love for this industry quickly grew as I began to realize how truly surreal “the big day” is for these girls. They found their true love, got the ring, they’re dreaming of forever together with their partner and I, as the hair stylist, am invited to help them achieve the look for this amazing time in their lives.

I can’t help but think there is a necessity to look as powerful, fierce, beautiful, and strong as they know they are inside.

I began feeling privileged to be the one in the room with them as they spent their last moments as single ladies. Knowing that my work is eternalized in the many photos taken on their wedding day makes me feel very special. Having the opportunity to work in an environment of love and happiness is equally satisfying. These women strike me as brave–love is a risk. But when I’m working with the brides, I can’t help but think there is a necessity to look as powerful, fierce, beautiful, and strong as they know they are inside. We have to match that aesthetic on the outside, as well. Good hair does the trick.

What effect do you think sites like Pinterest and wedding blogs have had on the industry?

I am thrilled there are sites like Pinterest available. It’s endless inspiration. No more googling obscure images of something you might like or flipping through old magazines to find an antiquated style to settle on.

Sites like Pinterest foster creativity and allow you to take away ideas you may have otherwise counted out. And it’s free! I like when my clients come to me with a few images from these types of blogs so we can customize their look, instead of just replicating something off the Internet.

There is a downside, however: PHOTOSHOP. The images seen online, especially hair color, can be easily modified with filters or photo editing programs, so when bringing photos for your stylist, being open-minded is a client’s key to good hair they’ll love in the long run. Other than that, my advice to future brides perusing blogs for inspiration is to stay true to what YOU like, not what your mama, your sister, or your best friend likes. It’s YOUR wedding day–plan accordingly!

What are some things you think that brides and grooms worry about that they really shouldn’t?

As far as the hair is concerned, there isn’t much brides and grooms fret over that they shouldn’t (usually). It’s smart and savvy to buy your hair accessories ahead of time, to do your research and know what you’d like out of your salon visits, and to book all of your necessary appointments months in advance. The most prepared folks ask questions and don’t hesitate to speak up.

And honestly, when it comes to your desires and needs–if you have done all of these things, you will have a worry-free wedding day.

Who are some of your favorite local vendors? And why?

Bombshell offers everything you could imagine needing before, during, and after your wedding, beauty-wise. You can literally come in and get your nails done, get a customized spray tan, have your hair and makeup done, even get a facial and a full body wax! We do it all.

What a wonderful thing it is to love and be loved in return.

Urban Set Bride in Church Hill1 is wonderful for your dress, veil, and accessories. They cater to the fun, unusual brides, and most of their inventory has a vintage twist. It’s really cute.

We also love Caroline Birgman of POSH PR. She is an amazing wedding and event planner.

Tell us your very favorite wedding story, whether it’s a horror story or a moment of beauty.

The day I styled my first same-sex wedding was a real honor. Two young women came in the day that gay marriage was legalized in Virginia, told me they were going to the courthouse to get hitched, and they wanted to get dolled up for the occassion. The first woman sat down, but was struggling hard to sit still. You could tell how excited she was to actually marry her love. They’d waited so long for this day to come!

I didn’t think much about it until the second woman sat down to be styled. She opened the conversation by thanking me for being “so cool about all this.” It became evident that her sexuality hadn’t been an easy road to travel, her family wasn’t supportive, and she had left her hometown just to escape the harsh words that had always followed her. As I was pinning the final few curls, I noticed tears were rolling down her cheeks. She said “I never thought I’d be this happy, and certainly never this proud.” Just to play a small part in their big day was incredible.

What a wonderful thing it is to love and be loved in return. I’m not sure there’s anything more significant. Looking as spectacular as you feel doesn’t hurt.

  1. I swear these people do not know that the other ones are being featured by us also! Check out our interview with Christine Greenberg of Urban Set Bride! — ed. 
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