Good Evening, you guys

We’re doing a new thing, starting TODAY! And you probably want in on it, yes?

Sure, the rest of us work super hard day and night to bring you content about all sorts of things.

But let’s just get it all out on the table–your favorite RVANews content is Ross Catrow’s Good Morning, RVA, right?

Of course it is. Maybe you read it as soon as you wake up, yell at your alarm clock, and then start scrolling through your email inbox. Or maybe you read it on the site after your head has cleared and you’re enjoying some serene coffee at your breakfast table. Or maybe you’re like, “What’s Good Morning, RVA, fools?” in which case, please scroll to the bottom of this page and sign up.

In any case, it makes our mornings better, tells us how many layers to wear, and briefs us on some interesting news stories from around town and elsewhere. 

But what about the evenings?

That’s right, beginning tonight, we’re launching something we’re very excited about: Good Evening, RVA.

In the past, we’ve done daily digests of content. They were put together by well-meaning robots and were just a list of everything we published that day. Those emails will now go away. 

As will our separate emails for Food News, the neighborhood blogs, and weekly digests. As will Happy Weekend, RVA–your RVANews roundup complete with links to keep you staying in or leaping out of bed. 

I know! So sad! But not really, because Good Evening, RVA will be way better. 

What will Good Evening, RVA be?

  • An email sent to your inbox every evening!
  • A roundup of that day’s RVANews content, selected by a human being and described by that same human being, so you can decide whether or not it’s worth your time to read said content. 
  • Fun and interesting. 

What won’t Good Evening, RVA be?

  • Good Morning, RVA 2: Cruise Control. It will not compete with or duplicate Good Morning, RVA content. They will be two separate entities! Siblings! Related but unique!
  • Boring and dumb.

We get that you don’t have time to keep up with all of our hastily typed words every day. And we don’t blame you! We want you out there doing brain surgery or 3D printing or whatever it is people do on the outside. We assume it makes the world go ’round! 

It sounds so crazy that it just might work. How do I get it?

  • If you already get our daily digest, you’re automatically on our list! 
  • If you already get Good Morning, RVA, you’re not automatically on our list and you should definitely sign up here
  • If you are on zero lists and think mailing lists are stupid and wish we would just go away…until you have some time to kill, that is…you can read it on, and we’ll stick it on our Facebook and Twitter too.

I hate change and I want you to know that

Shhh. Shhhhhh. Everything’s going to be OK.


We totally promise!

I…I think I love you.

Great hearing from you! Your friend, RVANews.

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