Good Evening, RVA: October 30th, 2015

It’s not like fall is about to be over, so why does it feel like this is our last hurrah!?

Photo by L.A. Mathews

It was a deceptively sunny day in RVA.

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Richmond Fall Autumn Geese

Photo by Heaton Johnson V

The leaves, the geese, the ivy on bikes…

Richmond in the fall is so pretty, we can barely stand it.  But stand it we will! The city can’t keep running if we have all collapsed in a swoon of delirious joy. Check out Heaton Johnson’s spread of gorgeous shots that are dying to be your wallpaper. Those geese! Amirite?

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Do do doo doo do do doo doo do do doo doo doo doo doo doo

You know, from “Tom’s Diner”–you remember, right? Well, Suzanne Vega is coming to Richmond, as is Mavis Staples, Guster, and a ton of other things. Plus, you’ve gotta get in on The Extragavanza, which is spelled like that for a reason, presumably, but nobody will explain it!? See all of Andrew Cothern’s picks for live music in November!

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People will say we’re in love

Some say it’s the greatest musical of all time. Others say “What on earth are you talking about? The best musical of all time is clearly Newsies.” Either way, introducing your kids to Oklahoma! is a fantastic to way to get them into the rewarding and potentially lucrative (we guess?) world of musicals? If anything, it wins the award for Sunniest Movie to Exist that Has a Song Trying to Convince Someone to Commit Suicide.

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Photo by: ecstaticist

Aw, this is the last time we’ll see you before Halloween :(

We have a ton of useful info in our Halloween Guide! First off: your trick-or-treating guide (locations). Second: your trick-or-treating guide (etiquette). Third: the movies you can see. Fourth: haunted stuff. Fifth: non-haunted stuff. Sixth (and very important): Teal pumpkins mean allergen-safe food!

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Word quoted in our office two separate times by two separate people as a word that should be retired from the Halloween Pun Lexicon


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