Good Evening, RVA: November 5th, 2015

Tons of news about food and a bunch of things to do and a whole gaggle of girlish enthusiasm.

Photo by Sky Noir

It was a champagne-showering day in RVA!

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Photo via Kitchenette

Eff those old places to eat!

October 2015 brought with it new places that offer you fuel for your bodies and diversions for your brain (assuming your brain likes to think about food and restaurants and such?). Kitchenette, Ginger Juice, and more in Stephanie Ganz’s New Restaurants in October 2015.

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JK, the old places are great too

We would never really eff those old places to eat! They’re the ones slinging samples at GRAZE at Grace, hosting wine dinners, and whatnot. Stephanie Ganz ALSO brings us the whatnot! AKA Food News!

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_S9 Zachary Sayle (Crutchie) and Joey Barreiro (Jack Kelly). ©Disney.  Photo by Shane Gutierrez

Photo by Shane Gutierrez

This is the LAST MENTION of Newsies

Susan Howson actually saw the production with her eyes, her ears, and her heart. She polled everyone else she knows who did too, and here are her thoughts. It’s here through Sunday, so get those tix and see some frigging turn-of-the-century gymnastics, mmkay?

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Except for the mention of Newsies in 5 Things (sorry)

But that’s really the last one. And listen, those who were very young in the early 1990s have been dealing with your 12-year-old-boy obsession with Star Wars for their entire lives. You can humor them for one week. Anyway, here’s 5 Things, which will tell you about a lot of things, including a group screening and celebration of The Big Lebowski, which is a movie we can all get behind.

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A whole lot of music is happening this weekend

Ukefest! Guster! And the assortment of bands that is the Extragavanza. Read about it all before rummaging around to see if you can find your earplugs. Let’s get loud! Except, probably, not at Ukefest. 

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That’s a lot of beans

Our intrepid West End reporter Trevor Dickerson snapped these photos of the newly opened 45,000-square-foot L.L. Bean in Short Pump Town Center. This is many square feet of duck boots and canoes and fishing vests!

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Thing that made us laugh over and over

Yeah, it involves dachshunds, but we COULD HAVE chosen a Newsies GIF, so…

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