Good Evening, RVA: November 4th, 2015

It was sunny, then it rained, life went on!

Photo by Sky Noir

It was a frizzy hair day in RVA. 

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Photo by: The Library of Congress

Ain’t it a fine life, carrying these kids all over town

Singin’! Dancin’! Cheerin’! Donatin’! Truck-touchin’! Sellin’ those damn papes! There’s a lot do with your family this weekend, says Valerie Catrow, who knows these things.

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Making beautiful things with leather is probably something you don’t know how to do

That’s OK. Molly Virginia Campbell will do it for you. The first in a series leading up to the holidays (yep, it’s time to think about that), we’ll be chatting with local makers who pour blood, sweat, and tears (figuratively) into all sorts of things that you can buy and wrap and give to a loved one. The things they have to say about what they do are very interesting!

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Speaking of local and beautiful

We’ve got 804ork Vol 2 in stock! Come on by or buy online.

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Rams mysteries: solved

Aaron Williams literally knows everything. Or at least, it seems like it to us. He’s put together lots of data-providing charts and analysis-providing words to answer some FAQs about why, how, and when the Rams do what they do. (What they do is win a lot). 

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At the ballet

Stoner Winslett and her cast of talented characters do their thing this weekend as the Richmond Ballet perform Winslett’s own Windows and Balanchine’s The Four Temperaments. There is a fascinating history to both.

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Actual thing we are calling RVANews now instead of an “online magazine.”

A “news forge.”

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