Good Evening, RVA: November 3rd, 2015

Voting and Halloween and the Hundred Acre Wood and transportation stuff.

Photo by @michchron

It was a caffeinated day in RVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aw snap, you gotta vote like right now

ALERT: If you’re reading this when it was sent (not that you must), you have just a couple hours left to get to the polls. If you’re reading this after and are not sporting an “I VOTED!” sticker, then…you know the drill. No license to complain yada yada yada. Here’s some fact in case you have yet to decide.

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RVA Halloween

Photo by Heaton Johnson V


If you were at the 10th Annual Halloween Parade, Heaton Johnson may have taken a pic of you in your costume!

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Photo by Jay Paul

Photo by Jay Paul

Guys, Eeyore is so funny

You may have forgotten how much Eeyore will make you laugh, and you may not even know how much Tigger will make you laugh, but you sure do have the opportunity to do those laughs along with the kiddos. The House at Pooh Corner is totally worth seeing.

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Welcome to the playground jungle

It’s survival of the fittest for kids, kinda, but it has to be!! What a bummer that they have to experience so much hurt and also wield so many hurtful weapons upon others! Sam Davies talks about having two little potential mean girls–or two little victims of mean girls. Or one of each! So stressful!

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Screenshot 2015-11-02 14.59.51

Ross’s Transportation Blog Dot Tumblr Dot Com

That is not a real URL, but it’s what we say out loud in the office when Ross gets way deep into reading PDFs about how we can shuttle ourselves hither and yon. Today’s particular set of facts and feelings really makes you think. And maybe will even make you think “AUGH!” And hopefully will make someone out there think “I need to build an equivalent of for Richmond!”

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Susan’s Petersburg logo

Make one yourself! It’s fun!

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