Good Evening, RVA: November 25th, 2015



It was an anticipatory day in RVA.

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You’re about to be told to go to a mall on holiday season, just a warning

We accidentally attributed Food News to Ross Catrow this week. It has since been fixed, but LOL, guys! Ross Catrow’s Food News would be “Today I consumed one Kroger-brand string cheese, one apple, and 14 pints of beer.” Stephanie Ganz, on the other hand, is always a fun read, as we say around the office. This week, she tells us about many things, some of which are turkey-related and some of which are not!

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5 things to do when you’re finished with the dishes

And you better be offering to the dishes. None of this sitting around and watching football while other people are doing the work! Why are we so angry right now! Is this dredging up old memories or something? No one can remember! Anyway, go to the movies, go to Cirque du Soleil, go to Gypsy, do a bunch of stuff.

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wild wander

Buy yourself a pretty little Christmas

Clara Cline of the Wild Wander Co. is our newest featured Handmade Holiday crafter, and her stuff is so pretty and her thoughts are so interesting that it kind of makes us want to puke. But like, with envy.

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gingerbread stout wide

Can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Stout!

Only you can catch it every year…as long as you’re quick about it. We spoke with Eric McKay about the availability, exclusivity, demand, and growing tradition of the beer they pretty much invented. Oh btw, we have another beer now that sounds like a delicious sweet treat.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.16.14 PM

Other news you should be aware of, because one involves grocery stores

ALDI is opening on December 10th!. You think there’s excitement over a dang holiday beer in Richmond? Try a new grocery store! We CANNOT CONTAIN OURSELVES.

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The concept of Hunger Games-style tributes to fallen GOP presidential candidates makes us laugh

Even if he doesn’t think he’s done, he’s pretty much done. Let’s shoot one out of a cannon for Lindsey Graham.

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