Good Evening, RVA: November 24th, 2015

Santas and Mo Alie-Coxes and Gypsies and Rodins and blue people and cats

Photo by: cpjRVA

It was another day in RVA.

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Photo by: Benson Kua

Mom, it’s Santa, it’s SANTA, he is LOOKING RIGHT AT ME OMG

It’s time. Or, at least, it will be on Friday. Open wide your heart and let Christmas festivities IN!. That link will deliver you to 5 Things for Families.

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kory billbury

Photo by Will Weaver

More like Mo-vember! Except that November is particularly bad for VCU usually, so never mind, Mo. Sorry about that.

Aaron Williams wrote an exceptionally soothing piece about how The NCAA Team from VCU doesn’t do well in November even with all the Shaka Smarts and Treveon Grahams and Brionte Webers in the world. So, like, take heart, Ramsfans. We shall triumph at some point.

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Photo by Aaron Sutten.

Photo by Aaron Sutten

We’re fresh out of Gypsy jokes

Used ’em all up in the blurb! Jen Maciulewicz has many things to say, and all of those things are good, about Gypsy. It sounds like the most fun time! 

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Just ride on in to Rodin!

That…joke doesn’t work that way. David Shultz went to the Rodin exhibit and wandered around. He will now tell you all about his experience in a hilarious and entertaining and informative way. He’s like our own genius, evolving!!

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Plug your braid into the ground and sway

Be amazed and enthralled by Cirque du Soleil at the Coliseum this weekend! It’s the perfect way to go sit in a seat and feel really effing plump as athletic people fly around your head, unaffected by gravity. It’s Avatar on a trapeze!

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It’s funny because it’s true!

But it’s funnier if you just read the headlines, look at the pics, and don’t bother with the explanations. You’ll get it just fine without them.

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