Good Evening, RVA: November 23rd, 2015

Buying books, bringing back a great band, planning out giant meals, and patting each other warmly.

Photo by: @pikkturethis

It was a frigid day in RVA.

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Pro tip: A book is a cheap and welcome gift

Hayley DeRoche puts her librarian cap on and recommends books for a whole bunch of age ranges so that you can load up your shopping cart (virtual or real) and make a reader’s holiday. 

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the dads

Prepare to go down a rabbit hole of the 1980s Richmond music scene

May we just say that they were a whole lot cooler back then? Well, we just did! The Dads take the stage once again to celebrate their 35th anniversary and release their second-ever album. Musician and 1980s-scene-regular Mark Brown puts the Dads into context. You can also catch Mark guesting on one song during the show, but he was too modest to say so. 

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The feast! Of all of the thanks!

We commission Stephanie Ganz to collect recipes for Thanksgiving for “our readers” who may “need help planning a menu.” Then we whip out our shopping list apps and get furiously typing. Thanks, Stephanie! Sweet potato quinoa casserole will be on my table this Thursday. It sure is nice to have a food concierge on staff. WRITER. We mean WRITER.

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hands patting

Photo by: Son of Groucho

What’s that? It’s pat!

Mariane Matera nails the feeling of not being super into being enveloped by another person and having to press yourself against them. Hugs are kind of weird to some people! But, a pat! A pat could be where it’s at.

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An additional mural

Trevor Dickerson grabbed this shot of Scott’s Addition’s newest mural, a collaboration between Ross Trimmer of Sure Hand Signs and local artist Mickael Broth. If murals were sentient and bent on a takeover, Richmond would be so screwed.

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An actual job that existed back when the Dads were playing shows

Stupid internet ruined so many jobs, you know?

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