Good Evening, RVA: November 19th, 2015

Today’s a good day to listen to They Might Be Giants’ 1990 classic, Flood.

Photo by: Michael Chronister

It was a monsoony day in RVA.

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salty's ice cream

Photo via Salty’s Ice Cream

Prepare for waist expansion

Stephanie Ganz dropped some serious knowledge on the ground for us to pick up today: An ice cream delivery service, a breakfast sandwich delivery service, a new Jackdaw pop-up, the Nile moving to Church Hill, empanadas–all this drool is going to cause this computer to malfunccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc,,,mmmm 

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VCU vs Radford (5)

Photo by Will Weaver


Or, like Duke, which might as well be the world. Nails will be bitten tomorrow night as the Rams take on the Blue Devils. If/when Coach Wade’s dudes win, they’ll play either Georgetown or Wisconsin. A bunch of possibilities are in front of us, says Aaron Williams. 

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la boheme poster

Plays, operas, moonshine, and the 1980s

Here are our picks for the five things you should really consider doing this weekend. It’s actually technically seven things. We cheat! What can we say!

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sugar pad

Sugar Park!!

No, that’s not the real name. Although maybe it will be, who knows? Maybe it’ll be Rick Tatnall Park, because that dude sure has done a lot of work to make the Sugar Pad a thing. Now, the City is turning Intermediate Terminal into a beautiful place to hang.

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Suzanne Vega and Duncan Sheik

This duo of 90s smoothness is descending upon the Modlin Center tomorrow night

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Lion King

Photo by Joan Marcus


Yep, that’s what is actually being sung when the sun begins to burst over the horizon and the animals all flock to Pride Rock. Treat it as a loud heads up that tickets to The Lion King go on sale tomorrow!

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model train

Photos by ©Sean DeWitt Photography

We think you can, we think you can

Whether you’re a tiny child or a gargantuan adult, you’ll probably get gleefully high-pitched when you walk through the Model Railroad Show at the Science Museum. Valerie Catrow’s research has gotten us excited about something we didn’t realize we cared so much about.

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Speaking of getting gleefully high-pitched and also speaking of Disney…

This is absolutely guaranteed to brighten your day.

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