Good Evening, RVA: November 18th, 2015

’Tis the season for holiday tickets, basketball, and just a lot of autumny things to do.

Photo by: Alphonso Campbell Jr.

It was a lackluster day in RVA.

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mary poppins

Open your umbrella and fly over to Rakeville!

So many things for you to do with your family this weekend! One of them involves raking Maymont’s leaves, which is something that our own small children tend to enjoy because they are weirdos. Other things involve Thanksgiving celebrations and Mary Poppins screenings. The best.

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legendary santa

He may not be the real Santa, but he is the real Legendary Santa

We just realized today that this “office” must be sort of like the Dread Pirate Roberts, because there’s no way this guy can still be bounding down chimneys and remembering kids names if he’s the same guy from the 1940s. Tea with the Legendary Santa is an old Richmond tradition–or should we say an “Old Richmond” tradition (although even we county kids got hauled into town to do it!), and you can still see the big man do his thing. Tickets are on sale!

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It’s chipmunks. They’re chipmunks. Chipmunks – (L to R) Kirk Sharpenstein as Frankie, Gordon Graham as Smudge, Ian Page as Sparky. Photo courtesy of Swift Creek Mill Theatre.

Photo courtesy of Swift Creek Mill Theatre.

Plaid Tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sorry, sorry about all the holiday stuff already. It’s not that we’re trying to steal Thanksgiving’s thunder, it’s just that a lot of these things require advance planning, you know? One of them is “Plaid Tidings,” which is a musical revue by a quartet that will bring you back to the good ol’ days…before the guys playing the Plaid Tidings were born, probably. Yikes! Jen Maciulewicz reviews this Swift Creek Mill production.

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rvanews live #005

All of the booze-related articles that were fit to print on the internet!

Right now, it’s like we have our own little advent calendar for RVANews Live #005! This duo of live conversations both about and fueled by local alcohol should definitely make it onto your radar. But if right now you just want to snuggle up and read some interesting pieces that are related to the event, by all means! Do!

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VCU vs Radford (59)

Photo by: Will Weaver

Look how long their arms are!

Looking at these photos from the VCU vs. Radford game this past Monday has us feeling super self conscious about our arms. Like, these guys must be able to reach all of the items on their desk without even leaning forward. What a life!

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More like Downtown Abbey, amiright?

That crazy show about butlers and maids and rich people still exists! But only just. The final season begins next year, the premier of which you can catch at the Altria Theatre on January 2nd. You gotta register though, and you can do that begining this Friday. Costumes are encouraged!

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Richmond tattoo artist brings down the Instagram man!

Some poor peon probably just got fired! Oh well, Amy Black rules the school!

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