Good Evening, RVA: November 12th, 2015

Food news, music news, newsic muze, and more.

Photo by: Joey Wharton

It was a suddenly raining day in RVA.

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Photo by Fred Turko, Fred + Elliott Photography

OMG Stroops and Longoven

Kind of a dumb time not to live in Church Hill, say some of us. Others of us say “I am doing just fine here in my neighborhood.” The first group scoffs, and the second group eye rolls. And Food News carries on!

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Musical hairs

Mavis Staples, Joan Osborne, Hiss Golden Messenger, Matthew E. White…hope your schedule is clear for this weekend. Lots of music to see.

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This is what the “musical hair” joke is actually about

Speaking of Matthew E. White, perhaps you heard Susan Howson interview him a few weeks ago? If not, you’re going to want to catch up before you see his show on Friday night. Gives a lot of context and provides a lot of laughs! Some of them at our expense!

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Be there or be square

Richmond Public Schools promotes the national movement for parents to “Be There” for their kids’ education. This sounds like a no-brainer, but when you read through their stuff, it’s like “Oh, I guess I could really be doing more.” Only without the guilt that usually accompanies that. Get into it!

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Photo by tvnewsbadge

Six times one minus one things!

Big things this weekend. Huge. The marathon, InLight, Byrd things, COTU things, more things!!!! Those are exclamation points of concentrated excitement!!!

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Adjust your dining plans

Garnett’s is temporarily closed and Stroop’s is about to be open!

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Welcome back, VCU students

The oldies are coming back! That could mean you! VCU’s homecoming will close off a few streets but also be a lot of fun. Go there before Friday’s game and get your black and gold on in a wild and crazy way.

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Actual service you can rent

If you live in the right city, which we do not.. So you guys are safe. FOR NOW.

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