Good Evening, RVA: News about food and events, photos, and more educational apple-cutting

Bonus points if you can find the disembodied babydoll head in today’s content.

Photo by EA Lee photography

It was a getting-things-done day in RVA.

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Get hungry

Stephanie Ganz’s food news has done it again. She’s made me become far too into the idea of going somewhere and eating something that I can’t get any work done. Thanks Stephanie. Cool.

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Get busy

Rachel, oh Rachel! In my mind you and Stephanie are in league against me! It is so hard to get work done on a Thursday with you guys filling my weekend with misty visions of fun and food. Yet I read 5 Things anyway, because I must.

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Get moving

Evergreen Cemetery, you never fail to make us sad.

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Photo by: kentgoldman

Get way, way deep into school stuff

Teresa Cole continues her EDU FAQ #004 about budgets, with #004.2 today. It’s about the facilities budget, which, trust me, is more interesting than it sounds. This is the first of the EDU FAQ series that has made me feel just really sad and despondent. So, like, not a great thing to read after your raucous happy hour tonight, but maybe something to review before it. Then you’ll have happy hour to cheer you up, AND you can talk about it with your pals and maybe get an advocacy group together, I dunno.

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Get big and fluffy

We did so much moaning today after I stopped by the Fancy Biscuit and took many photos, because that also involved eating so many buttery biscuits. Did we complain all day about being so full? Yes. Would we go back again tomorrow? yes.

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