Good Evening, RVA: March 8th, 2016

These things we wrote, they are so precious!

Surrounded By Light

It was a magickal day in RVA.

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Art180 logo

Silent all these years

VCU’s Black Art Student Empowerment crew has a pretty dang sweet exhibit up at Art 180. Intern Chris interviewed Angelique Scott about the experience–the whys and whos and hows, but also what it all means to her– and we hope he is beaming right now, because he did a dang good job. The gist is that Black female artists are pretty much ignored, and Angie found her work starting to reflect the combination of pride and resentment. She and her fellow artists will give you a lot to talk about.

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Planned parenthood

We need a big loan from the girl zone

In other news about women, the General Assembly voted to defund Planned Parenthood today. The governor could still veto the bill. You could write him to request such, or you could crawl into a cave with your arms securely locked around your midsection. Some of us might be in there already.

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Sad computer

Photo by: Sam Wolff

Every finger in the room is pointing at me

Sam Davies wrote a soul-searching Raising Richmond piece about what it’s like to write about your children publicly when you know you’re a fine line away from the very things you don’t want (overexposure and seriously damaging your kids’ psyches if they read something they’ll interpret as hurtful). It rings so true!

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Photos by Frederick Turko of Fred + Elliott Photography.

You’ll never gain weight from a doughnut hole

Restaurants that opened last month! Hooray! Restaurants that closed last month. Not hooray. Read it all here.

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Somebody leave the light on just in case you like the dancing

Our own Susan Howson will be co-hosting Richmond Ballet’s In Studio event, which is a happy hour plus rehearsal viewing plus hangs with dancers plus hangs with Susan, who is medium-good company.

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Yeah, we can hear that

Louis C.K. is a comedian, a writer, an actor, and a guy who said these things about Donald Trump.

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